Monday, 2 April 2012

Things that defined my weekend!

It was short notice but my boss was cool that I wanted to take Friday off ;)
My shed has been calling out to be sorted since way before Phil died...
...but to be fair it was his shed and he was ill, and it would have seemed unfair to intervene and carry on!
I suddenly got an urge (ooh er! LOL) to sort out the shed and this was what hit me when the door was open!

You could not get to the back of the shed for love nor money as they say.

I carried on through Friday and called it a day around 5...then the Cava called ;)

Saturday was a dull and grey day here and I was at a very loose and frankly frustrating end so after reading the paper I set off for town but something turned me round and I set off walking in the opposite direction and walked all the way to Paington!

I think that in all I walked about 7 miles 'cos I caught the bus back to Brixham and walked home from there too!!

After very little sleep, I got up at 8 and finished off the shed...
...not perfect...yet....but it is a great start ;) At least I can get to the back of the shed and the shelves now :)
It took me nearly 2hours to put the battens up to hang the chairs from!

The garden called me then and these are some of the things that made my day:)

Bare feet in the sunshine

Anemone blooming

Moved my dress form into the larger flower bed to allow the clematis to entwine around it ;)

Thanks for looking...
....I'm looking at three four day weeks in a row now ;)...

xoxo Sioux


  1. Sounds like a good weekend to me! Enjoy your next three weeks of four days!

  2. My goodness, the first thing I noticed was your painted toe nails - I can't even reach mine!!! A walk to Paignton, my you are fit, then a shed clear out. I reckon you are super fit Sioux, oh! that rhymes. Well done, you deserved that Carva.
    Big Hugs Joanne xx

  3. Must feel good. A productive weekend and I am looking forward to seeing that clematis entwining the body form. What a fab idea!

  4. WOW!!! Did you ever see the episode of that programme Raising Hope, where granny plays jenga with the shed contents to reach the baby? Cos that's what I was thinking you would have to do lol. Great job, well done :D....what is at paignton that you set off to find??? :D XXX

  5. Glad you managed a little bit of relaxation in your busy weekend Sue! The garden & shed look fab! xox

  6. That's a shed and a half, Sioux. You've worked wonders. It looks so tidy now. I wonder if you could come and organise my DH's. When I need the lawnmower out of it I have to put my hard hat on and shift about half a ton of stuff that might come in handy one day!!
    Your garden is looking absolutely beautiful, I love the dress form and you certainly look as though you are getting lots of use out of it.
    Hugs Lisax

  7. I call that quite an acheivement, in all senses! I'm surprised it didn't all fall out when you opened the door...
    Your garden is looking lovely, so worth all the hard work last year. Take care.

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  9. Cor blimey, I am knackered just reading all of that!! However, what strikes me most is the fantastic idea of the dressform in the garden... I need one (I know, I know, I always NEED something) but really ... a genius idea! Cannot wait to see pics of it decorated with the clematis x


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