Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My Sexy Beast Has Died!

Well, having read all the reports on-line, it was only a matter of time before my sexy beast a.k.a. my Vagabond conked out on me!!!

It conked out on me yesterday :( !!!

It is also out of it's years warranty since I got it from QVC in Feb 2011 :( !!!

I suppose it has only lasted this long because I only use it very occasionally!!!

Sizzix have said they will replace it but have none in stock and are waiting new deliveries around 4th May :( !!!

They say they will get back to me nearer the time to arrange collection :)
I  have to believe that will happen.....but the date is in my phone and I'll be ringing them nearer the time too :)

xoxo Sioux


  1. NO!!!!! It seems to me that everyone in the UK who has had one, has had problems.... so glad I stuck to my Bigshot! You never read about anyone in the States having this trouble with them (maybe they just keep quiet!) Hope Sizzix contact you soon and sort it out for you.

  2. Oh no! I've only had mine about a month. That's the 2nd to die that I've heard of, the other was Hels'. Do you need anything cutting or embossing? If I have the relevant dies etc. don't hesitate to ask.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  3. oh no, another dead Vagabond... sorry to hear this Sioux... and I truly hope that Sizzix pull out all the stops and get this sorted for you. I am going out on a limb here and will speak my mind... sorry if it offends anyone but... IMO, we have paid out a considerable amount of money for this amazing machine, which it is just that, an amazing machine... it cuts perfectly and thicker than the usual stuff... so it is THE machine we all wanted. So, there are at least 30 crafters that I know that have had issues with their Vagabonds... me included - I am on my 2nd one already. So... obviously there is a manufacturing glitch with the machines... so being as it is NOT your fault that the machine has broken, I think they should give you another on the day they collect the dead one, why should you be without the machine you paid a fortune for eh? Sorry again if me speaking my mind has upset anyone... not my intention, I am just seeing it from a customer/crafter's point of view... big hugs xx

  4. I only have a Cuttlebug(cos he's cute:D) so wasn't aware so many people were having these problems. I hope Sissix get their finger out and sort all your machines as quickly as possible. And I support Hels' argument..I couldn't afford the Vagabond,but if I could have I would have expected it to last many many years. :D XXX

  5. Sioux I think the vagabond has a TWO year warranty - get on the phone to QVC and check. My vagabond blew up within a year and the vender I bought it from replaced it no quibbles and told me I have a NEW two year warranty (starting from now - which was actually Dec) Hope you get it sorted :D x

  6. Sorry to hear about your bed mate. I have always wanted one but as I have a cuttlebug that does the job I have resisted the desire. Since reading all these posts I am pleased I have resisted. I did always like the fact that the cuttlebug had no motor although I do know some people have managed to break theirs. I have been tough with mine at times. So far so good.

  7. Oh no that's dreadful:( I hope you get sorted out quickly by Sizzix!

  8. I am sorry to hear this as I also bought one at the same time from QVC I am happy they are getting round to sorting this out for you though it should last years! and they were not cheap!

    I had to go to the previous post Having missed it the 1st time round You had me in stitches lol I would need a huge chair to cover up my bit's & bobs lol Love your sexy beast posts

    Oh and I would also like to thank you for suggesting to Clair
    http://miscanthuscrafts.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/inky-umbrella.html about my Journal blog she added it and it was a great page too!

    Thanks hun Love Dawn xx

  9. I'm on my second one too Sioux, my first lasted 6 weeks and I had hardly used it. This one's lasted longer but it gets very little use. Hope you get yours sorted out soon x

  10. aww Sioux what a shame that your vagabond has died, fingers crossed that you can follow up some of the suggestions here and get a replacement much quicker than the one promised by sizzix.

    I have on several occassions thought about buying one, but, have resisted, I recently sold my bug and bought a big shot - merely due to the fact that I'd heard so many bad reports about the vagabond and I needed to cut those bigz dies!! lolxx

    Hope that you're ok

    hugz xx

  11. I bought mine at the same time, and having read about the problems other people have been having, I feel I am a lady in waiting - ie. waiting for my Vagabond to blow as well.

    Hope you get your new one soon.



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