Friday, 30 March 2012

A shadow box gift

This is a long overdue thank you gift (like over 2 years too late!).
My financial adviser performed a minor miracle in 2009 but Phil's health went rapidly down hill only weeks later and I never got round to showing my appreciation!
Added to which he has just made my dream of being able to live in this house for as long as I choose a tangible reality, fingers crossed :)
Still waiting on the pesky valuation to come through though!

It has eased my conscience to have made it, and I only hope it is to his taste and will fit in with the decor in the new place he has just moved to...'s not easy making something for someone who you know very little about...
...although I do hope the use of the gold/yellow and red ribbons as an accent on the key will not be lost on him as he loves his cricket as Phil did and those are the colours of the MCC at Lord's for all those non-cricket fans out there ;) LOL

After I took the photo I decided to add one of the new metal word things that had just arrived 'cos we all need an uplifting sentiment to make us feel better ;)

Metal parts mainly that new faucet knob from which the metal All My Memories word tag is hanging...the cool watch face is from a grab bag of parts at The Artistic Stamper....arch door Crafty Individuals as is the Greek God behind the door... that image ;)
The word bliss is from Chocolate Baroque.

It's not the sort of thing I usually make but I really enjoyed doing it.
Thanks for looking :)
xoxo Sioux

P.S. Hey, he liked it, in fact he said it was fantastic! Phew ;)


  1. I'm not surprised he liked it, infact, I bet he loved it. Probably the first 'meaningful' present he has ever received in his job. Now you can relax and enjoy a glass or 2 in your beautiful home this weekend.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  2. That is such a cool "thank you" the symbology you have incorporated ;D XXX

  3. How's That! Stumped or what! Fantastic make. Trying to think how I can use googly? Don't even know how to spell it. I do hope it is richly admired in its new home!

  4. What a lovely gift - it is gorgeous and such a thoughtful thing to do.


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