Thursday, 1 March 2012

My little Dayream

I'm in shock and sad today.
I've just found out Davy Jones died from a heart attack.
Always dreamed I'd bump into him one day and he would fall madly in love with me.....his sister lived in the same town I did at the time so it did not seem beyond the realms of possibility!!! LOL

The things you dream when you are young!

Suffice to say my band of choice back then was the Monkees...used to buy their monthly fan magazine too......still got some of them all these years later.......sad or what?!
xoxo Sioux


  1. I used to watch The Monkees tv show - it was fab fun! I was sad too when I heard this yesterday. Here we come, walking down the street....

  2. So sad- he was my fave- my first crush!!

  3. Not at all Sioux, we all have our fantasies. There are a lot of stars leaving this life just now, it's got to that time I'm afraid when some of us grew up with them. You have lovely memories and that little dream is just yours - so special.
    Hugs Joanne xxxx

  4. I liked him's where I got my blog name from. Just be happy that he went quickly and left us with such loving memories :) XXX

  5. He really was crush fodder wasn't he, lol? I used to think he was gorgeous, too. Shame we all have to grow older ... x

  6. Tis indeed very sad that the cheeky, gorgeous little fella is gone! TFS that fab video Sioux! xox

  7. It was very sad news wasn't it :-(


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