Friday, 2 March 2012

A Dream Page

I had a dream..........I had a dream and it was soooo real it was unreal if you get my drift! LOL

(I've been having real unreal dreams all my life....but this one was a cut above the norm!)

It's been playing on my mind for some months bringing me comfort and consternation in equal measure!
I could not hold back anymore and I had to get this out and onto a page.

This is the journal page that was sitting on my WOYWW desk the other day...
...I eventually plucked up courage to write on it and yep I knew I was right...
...I should not have bothered.....I hated it!!! LOL

So just as I was sinking into a pit of despair plan B took over and I used my favourite way of adding words to tags and ATC's.....yep word fragments made with my Studio G stamps! My writing is still there underneath but it just adds to the layers ;)

Yes, yes, YES :)
(Said in my best Meg Ryan voice....or is that too much information! LOL)
Now it works for me ;)

The background was a mixture of gesso, neocolours, india inks and sprays and the stamps are a very eclectic mixture of Paperartsy, T!m, Artistic Stamper, Craft Stamper freebie, Chocolate Baroque, Studio G, QVC job lot from years ago, Inkylicious and some of my took me ages to search out the wording stamps from here there and everywhere!!

The basic page was created using a song as my inspiration that has been playing on a loop inside my head that accompanies the of my all time favs...but which one?
The clues are there ;)

OMG!! How fitting that she was singing this in a bed rather like a man who rather had a look of Pip! Oooh er.......SPOOKY!!!
Except that in my dream me and the dear departed DH were rather can I put this?.....Rather more active!!! ROFL

Hope you liked....I did..........happy stamping/journaling ;)

P.S. Expect to see more journal pages that use stamps to echo a song here in the future...
...I like the way this panned out and I've got hundreds of songs that are my all time favourites HOL ;)
xoxo Sioux


  1. I love how you 'rescued' your page! The video was great.

  2. This is so what Journalling is for!!!! Why did you feel this dream was wrong??? You obviously love your hubby very much...the emotion remains!...and I cry every time I listen to Mamma Cass sing that fits your dream and emotional state beautifully.
    I don't know how your personal belief system works, but in mine, that was hubby coming to remind you that you are a beautiful sensual woman. Have you been doubting this? or just feeling guilty about thinking of another man?
    Sorry if this is too personal just delete it, but sometimes/always a big step for young widows to deal with :) XXX

  3. Wonderful pages, love the rescue.

  4. Great pages Sioux, and love Mama Cass singing away. Have a good Sunday.
    Sue xxx

  5. Amazing page Sioux. Thank you for sharing. You really have topped this journalling lark. I hope your pages bring you lots of pleasure and peace.

    Aren't dreams amazing things. Amazing. I am sure they are a way of connecting with our loved ones.

    What we need next is a YouTube video showing how you make your beautiful pages ;-)


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