Saturday, 31 December 2011

A Happy New Year - A New Personal Challenge!

I got to thinking about 2011 and my general opinion was...
just what the hell did I do all year?! LOL
So in an effort to make sense of what happens around here...

and believe me it is not going to be earth shattering stuff, some days it's challenging enough just to get by and I can foresee some of my entries will be along the lines of got up, went to work, fell asleep on settee!
But then again it could go something like got up, met RA, dot, dot, dot!!!! HOL
(In my dreams.......sigh)

...I'm taking the plunge and joining in with the fabulous Kate Crane and her Journal Your Year Calendar.

I like to pop over there and admire her pages and Gez and Anesha have also inspired me to have a go ;) Thanks girls.

I'll confess I am not good at sticking to stuff like this......but I'm going to give it a go.....if only to see what fun stuff I really get up to ;) HOL
I bought a little sketch book from Paperchase when I went to Bristol for my birthday at the beginning of December. Sorry about the glare, the cover is plastic, I'll be covering it at some point.

I hope to take this with me wherever I go as it is so portable and then there can be no excuse for not making a scribble in it every day!!!

Here are the pages for January......the squares are inchies and because the journal is so small (5 and 7/8th inch by 4 and 1/8th inch) I thought I'd make an additional flap over element to hold some extra days and be a place for a stamped image. (Paperartsy, T!m Holtz).

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux
P.S. Come back tomorrow for The Artistic Stamper new monthly challenge....see you there....after I recover from the midnight Cava LOL!!!


  1. Happy New Year to you, Sioux and good luck with your journal!

  2. My web is so slow today and it's just started to rain so I may kick out all together before I can post on my own blog today. With that said, I just wanted to wish you every success in completing your journal and will enjoy seeing your pages. Thank you for your wonderful creations throughout 2011your wonderful friendship and your wonderful blog posts. They inspire me and keep me sane.... I wish you the very best of everything for 2012 and cannot wait to watch your garden grow. Have a good evening and if I can find him, I'll send RA round to yours.
    Great big Hugs
    Joanne & Terry xxxxxxxxxxx

  3. What a lovely start to your journal Sioux - I do admire you starting. I tried last year, but failed miserably!

    I also want to thank you for your wonderful creations throughout the year which are so inspiring. I don't always get the chance to leave a comment (our fickle broadband) but I do appreciate everything you do. Yours is one of the few blogs I always try to keep up with. And thank you too for taking the time to leave lovely comments on my blog.

    Wishing you health and creativity in 2012. x

  4. Brilliant start to your new's wishing you the strength and concentration to complete it :D XXX

  5. Fab!! loving Januarys pages!! Hugs Juls

  6. Happy New Year!!! Love your pages for January.

  7. Love your page a brill idea to have the flap for extra days the border is a great idea too.

  8. Looking great! Like the solution with the extra page for more days. Happy 2012!

  9. Happy new year! This is a fab start to the year, welcome to the challenge! Love the way you have made yours smaller so that it is portable - good idea! Also like the way you added the flap. Good luck with the next 364 days!

  10. Well I love the format of your book, good luck at seeing it through I am totally the same - if I make it to december it will be a miracle lol , looking forward to seeing more of your pages xxx

  11. I love the size of your journal and the extra flap you have added, your pages look amazing! I look forward to seeing more of your calendar pages in 2012 x

  12. Love the colour of your background and a brilliant idea to use a flap

  13. Thanks for the lovely post tried to post on your the other day but iPad would not let me for some reason......I love your book and the flap ......what can I say inspirational ..would never have thought of that ! I would have compromised and made smaller squares.....your way much better....dunno if I will keep up either but gonna try's to trying ! X

  14. Love your calendar and oh how true the quote is. Very nice blog, will have to take time to explore.

  15. Happy New Year sweetie,Hope your well x I see you also decided to take the plunge with the Kate Crane challenge, love you page with the ickle extra hiding underneath x

  16. Happy New Year! Love your pages - that flap is a great idea. I use an A4 which I found quite a challenge to start with although I gradually got used to it over the year! Chrisxx

  17. love the flap idea, colour and just all of it!

  18. Hi Sioux. Happy New Year to you.
    Love your journal pages, especially the little flap.
    Sue xx


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