Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Garden Watch - Marathon Sunday in Paradise!

...I bought more bark and manure on Saturday morning before going for my yearly eye test...nothing has changed....phew no need to spend more money on new glasses!

It was grey and very overcast and quite frankly my heart (and my back) was just not into doing yet more digging!
I knew that I really should be doing something in the garden though and decided that cleaning the plastic furniture was the lesser of two evils! HOL

...and on Sunday?....even if I do say so myself....I excelled all my expectations!
Perhaps because the sun was shining it put me in a better mood to crack on and get everything done!!! ;)

...I planted the bamboo (I split the one plant up in the hope that this stimulates a bit of vigorous growth)...I'm amazed how much more there seems to be of it already!

.......planted the Mahonia...

...and Aucuba.

I decided I wanted a Cornus yesterday and bought this red stemmed one and planted that...

...I also decided I wanted another currant bush yesterday and bought this blackcurrant and planted that...

...dug up the redcurrant from the veggie patch and planted that in the large border...

...dug up the pink poppy from the veggie patch and planted that in the small border...

...found the other poppy I bought in the summer (a red one) just about hanging on! So moved that near the cornus...

...moved the carnation....Alan Titchmarsh...
...I could have done with him helping with the planting I can tell you! HOL

...started laying the bark (3 bags) but quickly discovered I needed more so off I went to the garden centre yet again!
That poor lad who loads the cars must be sick to death of me right now!!!

...stopped for a quick bowl of soup and emptied another 3 bags of bark on the large border but left a few patches where the roses are destined to go if they ever get here...
...yes I still have bags of bark still to put on!!!!

...my back was beginning to tell me I ought to have a rest but time was pressing and I needed to get the veggie patch dug and the manure spread over that too, as I am running out of weekends in which to do any gardening before Christmas!!!

The veggie patch really needed the manure as it has been neglected these past couple of years! What a bonus I had whilst doing this...as there has been the remains of an old tree stump of some sort slowly rotting away and being generally in the way since we moved here 7 years ago but it has always refused to budge.....
...well today Supersonic Sioux managed to get it out!!!!

It can rot away to it's heart content in the wild wood patch now ;)
Why I did not loose weight this week is beyond me!!!

Now whilst at the garden centre yet again I saw these topiary box pyramids...

...and I found that I really, really, really needed three!!...

...they were reduced in price by 50 per cent so it would have been silly not to don't ya think?! ;)
Now I must put a hold on the spending and let my paradise garden grow on through the winter :)
Thanks for looking at the mammoth post today and popping round to visit during the make over....I've enjoyed your company ;)

There will be a paradise party at some point next year...to which you will all be invited....I hope to see you there...bottle of Cava in hand ;)
xoxo Sioux


  1. Well done you...it looks amazing..and am sure you will have many happy hour relaxing... I will be at the party..wth a bottle or two.... look forward to it
    Claire x

  2. Your garden is going to look superb when your new plants all get growing - hope you'll show us in full glory next year!

  3. You put me to shame..I haven't touched my poor garden for months, I just don't have the heart to pull up stuff while it's still flowering :)Your paradise is looking good now, can't wait to see it in summer!! :D XXX

  4. I love that little lantern and those box plants look super. Managed to get some more cuttings going this year from some of mine. I really need a man that can 'cos mine is getting to the 'can't' stage now!!!!LOL
    Hugs Joanne xx

  5. Fabulous, it is looking amazing. Wait until you see how quickly your plants get going, especially in the Spring. Can't wait to see the progression. Well done you. Tracy x

  6. All that hard work is paying off, the garden's looking great Sue! Look forward to the party! ;o) xxx

  7. Well impressed. Well you could not have 2 topiaries could you. It had to be 3.
    Not long now till our girls weekend. Can't wait.

  8. Wow! It's really coming on now, look forward to Spring - it will be fantastic! You will be having a great party for sure! Well done - bet you slept well! Hugs, Chrisx
    btw - you may not have lost as much weight as you like but you are clearly full of energy!

  9. Wow, your garden looks wonderful. Well done on your hard work. Have a great day and thanks for the visit. :)

  10. Wow its really coming along now isnt it - I have lost another lb this week - how about you?

  11. Now that you've got your Cornus all you have to do when you cut in down is push the sticks in the ground and they will grow more bushes for you! and that other plant, with the spotty leaves, they grow roots from a stem if it's burried. Happy gardening!

  12. Fantastic post Sioux. I've loved catching up with your blogging this morning.. I think you NEED to start a gardening blog?? Yeah? yeah?? Pretty please! ;-)


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