Saturday, 19 November 2011

Garden Watch - Gated at last!

Thursday was a lovely day here and when I came home for lunch the man that can was here putting the finishing touches to the garden :)
He made and fitted the gate...had to as it is an awkward situation and size and he wanted to make the opening as large as possible... no one can walk straight into my back garden like before.....and it makes it just that bit more secure in my own mind ;)

...I do like the door hardware :) :)...Gary's choice as I could not know what would have been needed size wise.
He made and fitted the lid to the old coal bunker...

...great that he used a matching handle don't you think? :)
I'll be painting this and the gate green to match the sheds in the New Year when the weather is drier!
He placed the breeze blocks to make the containing bit for the bamboo filling it with some more topsoil...

...he's done a grand job and even complimented me on the design I asked him to work to...
...I am thrilled beyond is all I imagined and more!!!

The weather is looking fine for Saturday and Sunday so I'll plod on with getting more bark and planting the last few plants.....but I'm still waiting for those roses so I'm not going to be actually fully complete yet.....but then when is a garden ever complete?!
Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. Looking fabulous! Your both doing a marvellous job :D XXX

  2. Aw, love - you've worked hard and it's looking good so far and is bound to look so much better when the growing begins! Well done, you! You're a little star xxx

  3. A man that can 'work of art'. Attention to detail makes a plan marvelous and that's what you have now - a marvelous space to make your own. Come on you roses, hope they are red ones!!!! lol.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  4. All looking fabulous - you must be so pleased, Jo x


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