Monday, 7 November 2011

Garden Watch - Day 14

Day 14 Sunday
Lots of holes.....lots of compost and long life feed in all the holes!!

.....shrub compost on top too...this Oleander was the first to be planted :)

...I ran out of time to do all I really wanted :(
I've left the canes in till the rest of the plants arrive to remind me of the eventual heights.

There were quite a lot of big holes to dig and although the soil is fairly easy to work...those back ache rests came into play! LOL
I got nowhere close to attempting the bulbs and I was working from 9.30 till 5!!!

The phormium had to be dug up from the veggie patch/nursery bed ;)...
...where it has been for the past two/three years waiting for the make over to happen! It's a great size though and would have cost me quite a bit if I'd bought it this big!

Still to move the carnations, the poppy and the redcurrant.

Still to plant this evergreen winter flowering clematis to clad the wall behind the veggie patch

Still to plant these as the man who can still needs access to the wall to finish off the bamboo bed yet and I can't quite make up my mind if they are in the right place till my other plants turn up ;)

All in all I'm pleased that I got as much done as I did ;)

I'll just have to be patient and hope this Saturday and Sunday will be as forgiving weather wise!
Garden Watch will be tailing off now......I'll post about my gate when it's done I'm sure....and when I plant the bulbs and the roses until then....
...."enjoy your garden" as dear old Percy Thrower used to say...
...yep I started watched Gardening Club/Gardeners World way back when in the 60's with my Dad...
...and all these years later I've been able to tap into some of the knowledge I've gleaned and create my very own little oasis (with great help from the man that can of course!) that will be easy to maintain now I'm on my own.
Happy Days ;)
Thanks for sharing my garden make's been great fun having you along :)
xoxo Sioux
P.S. I can feel my back today but it's not as bad as I expected it to be :)


  1. It is going to be fab, Sioux! Well done on getting so much done yesterday, now time for a rest before you carry on this weekend, lol!

  2. This is looking fabulous - love that paved area, Jo x

  3. Please make this an ongoing newsreel. I am really interested in seeing the whole place mature. Also, there's no weekly gradener's world now 'til next March.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  4. And thank you for letting us watch :D It is going to look even more fabulous come next year :D XXX

  5. WOW looks really nice...and once them plants grow will look amazing... keep giving us sneak peeks.. its nice to watch things grow
    Claire x

  6. Oooh its coming on isnt it - good news about the weight!

  7. I have enjoyed watching the transformation, it's looking fabulous. Enjoy a little break for a few days now. Tracy x

  8. Hi

    Once again I find myself playing catchup in blogland!! ... Its been so nice to check out your recent posts and see how your garden has progressed!

    Hugs Juls

  9. Looking great!! Take care of your back. :)

  10. Wow! Just caught up! It's really going to look great when those plants grow! Like Joanne, would love to see more pics as things change -no pressure lol! It truly is looking great - and worth the wait, now you can relax for a little while! Take care, Chrisx

  11. These are going to be just wonderful once they're established I can see the potential wonderful ;0)


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