Saturday, 5 November 2011

Garden Watch - Day 12

Day 12 Thursday
I had a bit of a lie in as it was raining so I did not have to move my car off the drive to give access to the man who can!!!
As I was just setting off to work he turned up even though it was looking a bit dodgy weather wise...and said he thought it was clearing but was waiting for the up to the minute weather forcast.
Well....the Gods on Mount Olympus must have been watching....because what was destined to be a bit of another wash out turned into a fine and at times bright sort of day!!!
So apart from the gate, the top for the old coal bunker and the retaining blocks for a bed to control the roots of a bamboo I'm planting (because the wall and cement needs to go off properly for a couple of days before he starts drilling etc.) most all the rest is done :)
The wall is complete...(the boards and loose bricks on top are to protect from the downpour that was forcast....and happened....on Friday.

...those eagle eyed amongst you might have noticed that the "wild wood" stone wall had gaps in the need to worry it was on Gary's to do list.....he's good at the to do list no prompting either (unlike experiences with other work men in the past...I'm sure you know where I'm coming from!!! HOL) the pointing was done on the stones...and the last two slabs put down as stepping stones (even though they do not have good edges ...why waste them? You won't see them much when everything grows)'s to be able to get round to the back of the larger bed easily in the future...(needs a little more gravel to finish but time ran out!) washing whirly-gig re sited...

...the brick work and cementing done to make good the tatty old coal bunker thingy (and the rubbish piled up inside taken away :) )....I'll paint it to match the house next summer...


It's really up to me now to get those plants in and in the right place....although I rather like the minimalist look it has at the mo...LOL!

...I hope I don't go and ruin it!! ;) 
Thanks for joining me on my Garden Watch....I'll get back to you just as soon as there is some planting to show ;)
xoxo Sioux


  1. It is going to look fabulous all planted up so I hope you get time to do that soon. Shame we can't all come for a garden warming party, lol!

  2. "Hooray"!!!! (Applause, applause) Excellent job Gary!!! Looking forward to seeing the greenery :D XXX


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