Sunday, 6 November 2011

Garden Aura Watch! - Day 13

Saturday Day 13
A lovely sunny day :)

I went to the garden centre bright and early to get some bone meal, planting compost and bark chippings. I want to get the plants off to the best start I can :)

First I used a bag and a half of bark that has been lingering for quite some time in my garden to make a narrow pathway at the back of the large border......I even found some sort of fungi growing in them that look suspiciously like the start of chanterelles...
...we will have to wait and see! LOL

Then I laid all the plants out to get a feel of where they should go (that took more time than I thought).....the canes are to give a bit of visual indication as to the eventual height that the plants might...and I do say might! achieve ;)...

..I have got some more to come as the roses, a peony and some other bare root plants have not been dispatched yet!

Oooh er.....I must remind myself that they are going to grow into the space but it does look a little bare at the minute!!!

The cane seats were given to me by my bestest friend up North...really they are not meant to be outside all the time, but I have nowhere big enough to store them inside for the winter so they just have to take their chances under the green cover that is drying out on the washing line!!! LOL. It does not look like I've achieved much today but what with going to the garden centre, moving the pots back and the furniture and having to feed myself too, it did not leave a lot of spare time to plant...
...that and I have to take breaks along the way to ensure I don't put my back out!!! know I mentioned the Gods on Mount Olympus yesterday?
Wellll........what do you make of this? Please do enlarge the photo for a better look see ;)

I've "hearted" the strange blue/purple globe on the picture!
Is it the late evening sun catching the camera lens and causing it to flare or is it an aura?
If it is an aura then those colours are supposed to signify peace (I googled it!!!)...
....I've always had a very positive and yes.....peaceful vibe from this back garden...sooooooo...
....I'll leave it for you to decide :)
Thanks for will see me actually digging the holes and planting...
....Oh and I have lots of bulbs to do too!!!! I hope my back holds out!! LOL
Will I get it all done today? I'd really like to try as otherwise it will be next Saturday before I can get to do any more planting.
xoxo Sioux


  1. Wow you were busy yesterday! Good luck with the planting today and hope you don't get too bad a backache!

  2. It's coming on a treat. Hope both the weather and your back holds. As for the aura - well it was me watching through a telescope. The sun must have caught the lens lol.
    Take care.
    hugs Joanne xxx

  3. Looking fabulous :D and that aura looks happy to be there whoever it is :D I saw something similar in my garden when I 1st moved in. I was planning in my head how to lay out the overgrown mess, and I saw a bright flash appear and disperse(like on the old star trek scenes when they used the transporter). It gave me a very positive feeling :D XXX

  4. Definately a peace aura if you ask me! I too put on half a pound last week (must have been that cake couldnt surely have been the 3 cooked breakfasts, 3 meals out and the few glasses of wine I also had!) - am surprised I got away with it so lightly really! tee hee.

  5. I love the term aura as it is so close to my name. I always feel the word has a special connection with me. Wishful thinking i suspect!

    Looking good girl. It must be frustrating with your back.


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