Thursday, 17 November 2011

12 days of Christmas Announcement

An announcement today about my "splinter" group for the 12 tags of Christmas...
...that is if T!m decides to do it again this year!
Seeing as I don't know him I'm not party to his intentions ;)

I've been thinking about this a lot...........but I'm sorry....this year I cannot host the splinter group where we can all get to hop around and see each others creations......I know this will be a disappointment to you but I have so many things going on at just the same time that I will not be able to join in and make any tags myself never mind have enough time to do all the posts and attend to the "splinter" group postings as well.
Just thought I would warn you. Have fun with the 12 tags if it happens...I'll be with you in spirit :)
Happy stamping!
xoxo Sioux


  1. Perfectly understood. I'm not sure I shall do the daily 12 tags this year either. For one thing, I haven't been able to buy much new stuff and I like to try and keep them as authentic as poss. for future reference. Anyway, I'll see. You have given a tease with that beautiful tag anyway. Perhaps we can all make tags later next year using the techniques Tim shows us, bit like Grungy Monday.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  2. You did a marvellous job last year and it must have been a great deal of work. It was great fun though and through it I met alot of new people and learnt new styles and techniques. So for that I thank you very much. x

    PS Lovely tag! as always

  3. Haven't decided on cards yet so your mention of tags has peeked my imagination. Everyone can have a Christmas Tag instead :D Thanks for the unintentional inspiration :D XXX

  4. Sioux, we understand - I do hope Tim runs these again this year but it does take some commitment to play along daily so your hosting of the splinter group must be even more so! Thanks for the last couple of years doing it though.
    oh, and great tag!

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