Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Pickled Onion Overdose!

Is it possible to overdose on pickled onions?
If it is then I am definitely in the running! LOL
One of the things allowed on the Dukan diet even when you are on your protein only days is onions.....strange but true.....added to which you can have the usual salt, pepper, mustard and seasonings including vinegar........well it's fine by me.....I like pickled onions but I don't usually eat a jar and half every week.....a jar usually lasts me a good month, often much longer!!!

How come I have been happily eating my yogurt and raspberries every morning.....perhaps a sandwich for lunch......a jacket potato and chili or red pepper pasta for evening meal (all without anything high calories like butter I might add) and not thinking once about eating between meals?
Now I can't seem to think of anything else but what I can eat next that is not protein!!! HOL

Hence the overdosing on pickled onions!
I'm taking a multi vitamin to be on the safe side whilst I'm on this does not sit very comfortably with me but needs must :(
As long as I keep loosing weight.....and I know it's early days but it is working.....I'll persevere but as soon as it stops working and my weight stays static.....I'm back to eating the stuff I enjoy that kept me at a static weight for the past 8 weeks!!!! LOL
xoxo Sioux


  1. Well done with the weight loss but I have to say eating all those pickled onions would have me awake all night with indigestion :-)
    A x

  2. Ooh I do love a nice crisp pickled onion, my Grandma used to do her own... they were divine but they always seemed to give me wind rofl Well done on the weight loss... good for you! Have a grand day hun x

  3. Good Luck! Especially eating all those pickled onions - not one of my favourites! I'm up and down at the minute tho' mainly down - just want to show that snooty diabetic nurse that I can do it!!!! Dying to eat some crusty bread and butter with some good mature cheese lol! Take care, Chrisxx

  4. Well done you...but all them pickled onions... I do love them too, but I still don't think I could eat that many...
    I am the same when on a diet..I think of nothing but what I can eat next !!! I have a thing for raw carrots at the moment.. so LBS of them are being consumed weekly...
    better than chocolate...(maybe)is what I keep telling myself

  5. It sounds like your diet is definitely suiting you, Sioux. Well done for sticking to it. It'd be pickled gherkins for me though!!
    Hugs Lisax

  6. He, he - I could overdose on pickles, too if I let myself - love em AND beetroot and red cabbage! You're doing well and making me jealous. I just don't have the willpower at the moment but will have to start losing weight again soon... good luck!

  7. Cor you must be pickled out. Do they help to preserve you as well?

  8. By the 'eck lass, don't go near a naked flame!!!!
    Funny I hate onions but can eat pickled ones. They are mourish. Like Hels' gran, I used to make my own, plus pickle, jam, museli and a whole host of other things. Far too expensive today. Keep up the weight loss, just don't go too far or no-one will ever find you again. lol
    Hugs Joanne xxx

  9. Ooooh I'm anybodys for a pickled onion!!!!

    Good luck with the diet.xx

    Off to catch up with some more of your lovely blog. It's so lovely to visit. :-)

  10. I adore pickled onions and still make my own just as my Nin showed me and I make them nice and spicey! I also pickle red cabbage and chutneys.
    Well done so far and good luck with the diet.
    JoZarty x


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