Saturday, 8 October 2011

I'd kill for a Raspberry!

Mmmm! Strange title you might think......but if you had been on the Dukan diet since Monday 3rd October you may very well feel the same!!!! Actually technically speaking I did not start it until Tuesday as I had some stuff that needed eating in the fridge and that something was tuna with cannelloni beans (the beans are a no no! Why? I love em!) LOL

That's not quite a week yet but I had a burning desire for some raspberries on Wednesday!
To put it into context....I eat raspberries every morning with my Greek yogurt (give or take the odd day when I run out or they have taken on a bit of a bloom that could induce botulism if eaten HOL ;) ) and you are not allowed to have fruit until you reach your "Consolidation" stage...and for me that is not going to be till 14th December in theory.....but quite frankly I can't see me keeping this up for that long!

To make it even harder the first 3 days when I was on the "Attack" phase is all about protein and I'm not a great protein eater at the best of times :(
Thank goodness you are allowed low fat yogurt I say!

Anyway I thought I'd share this with you fabulous people and then perhaps I can not back down till it actually starts working!!! HOL

I have to tell you I stuck to it to the letter on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday and come Friday I was allowed to start adding vegetables....way hey!!! I can't begin to describe how I looked forward to the home made veg soup I had prepared for my lunch that day :)))))


Unfortunately it was a night out with the girls on Friday too but I had steak and salad so that was fine......the 5 (or was it 6!) gin and slimline tonics?
Well you've guessed....they are not allowed on the Dukan diet!!!
Hey life is short.....I don't go out that often......
but I weighed myself this morning..............I only usually do it once a week as it has become a bit depressing since the trip to Paris as I have not lost a single pound! True, I have not gained a single pound either but that's not the point. I need to loose some more weight or when I'm called back to the docs for a check up with the type 2 diabetes thing they are going to think I'm not trying!!

.....yes I weighed myself on Monday and I was 77.5 kilo still.....this morning I was 76 kilo :) so something has kick started the weight loss again....even with the G and T's.......phew!!
I'm off to watch Cava for me tonight....just soda water, more ruddy protein and some yogurt to make me feel better :)
xoxo Sioux


  1. Sounds a strange diet - but good luck! and enjoy Strictly- I'm just doing my tea too, to enjoy during it. Won't tell you what I'm having!!

  2. Ooh, I sympathise. I love fruit and adore Greek yogurt... but I need to lose weight, too. What is it about France and food? I haven't stopped since I came back and we did nothing but eat over there - they really do believe that food is the equivalent of love, lol. Best of luck, Sioux. It will be worth it in the end, tho I'll think of you when I eat the raspberries and yogurt (low fat) I bought this morning x

  3. Oh that did make me laugh! I too put on a heap in Paris and I am off to Rome on Tuesday for a week So after all that pasta will have to lose weight too. I might (might) look up the details of the Dekan diet.

    But seriously well done for sticking with it. Only those of us who have had to lose weight understand how difficult it really is.

    Keep telling us how you are getting on - it might help!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. Well done you..... am sure you be ok.... buy plenty of yoghurt.....

  5. Gah, can't you just eat low fat and follow Weigth Watchers or something - at least they allow you to have a life! Your are good Jen - if yuou get into it and it works for you, I'm square behind you.

  6. Oh Sioux, that rendition made me laugh. Being able to keep a sense of humour whilst on a diet must be half the battle. Anyway, in my book G&T has less calories than most things so just stick to those!! 'T' lost 2.5st a couple of years ago by just eating fat burning foods and a little chicken now and then. It was a proper diet from a doctor but then he doesn't have diabetes. What a bummer for you. Keep it up.
    Hugs Joanne xxx

  7. Losing weight is hard isnt it - I have been trying for years but finally caved in last week and joined weight watchers - hopefully the fact that I am paying for it will actually kickstart me into finally watching watch I eat! Might be in Torquay end of October - you free for coffee (and cake) if I am?


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