Monday, 17 October 2011

Diet Watch!

It's Monday and I've been on the diet for 2 weeks now.
Last week I lost 1.5 kilo and was 76 kilo.
This week?
I've lost another kilo so now I'm 75 kilo :)
Oh well....that means I've got to soldier on some more as it's still working!!! LOL
I have even managed to stick to the 30 mins walk every day so far...although some days it's been 15 mins and others it's more like 45 mins so it evens out really!!!
I am getting very bored with the protein, I find myself eating more yoghurt than normal (plain vanilla or 0% Greek as you are not allowed fruit not even a fruity yoghurt!) but I like yogurt so that's O.K......anyway, I made a beef bourguignon on Saturday, and I know it's not really allowed, but making a beef bourguignon without using red wine for stock is just not the done thing. I did LOL!!! (I did not have a glass with it though and I did not thicken the gravy!!)
It was scrummy but I did miss not having a jacket potato with it to soak up the lovely juices...I'm not going to be able to eat potato, pasta, rice, bread, or fruit till 14th December........sigh!

I can eat this though ;)

I've eaten more eggs these past two weeks than I usually get through in 6 months!!
One of the things I'm using them for is to make a baked egg's allowed! That is as long as you use fully skimmed milk (not quite so yummy) and don't use sugar......I made one without sugar at first, but it was vile, so I bought some Splenda powder. Plenty of nutmeg grated on makes is passable but oooh! I'd much rather have a crème caramel/crème brûlée made with proper whole milk, a touch of cream and that little sweet kick on the bottom/top LOL ;)
xoxo Sioux


  1. Well done you.... brilliant news that it is working... I can't honestly say I would not not be able to eat potatoes, pasta and rice... but well done you
    I can just imagine your Christmas

  2. Well done! Not sure I could cope with that, you should be really pleased - might try the baked custard, sweet treats are difficult aren't they! Keeeep dieting!!!!lol
    Take care, hugs, Chrisx

  3. Well done you, Sioux. That's great and you deserve a medal sticking to it, I'd have given up by now, I love my bread and potatoes and sweet treats.
    Keep going!!
    Hugs Lisax

  4. I think you are a marvel. I couldn't manage most of the things you are allowed just now. However, the weight loss is appealing so keep it up and well done.
    Hugs Joanne xx

  5. oh gosh hun that is brilliant news on you loosing all the weight hun good for you,keep it up hun,love hugs cheryl xx
    bless you for the birhday wishes hun,xxxxxx


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