Saturday, 20 August 2011

DIY Day!

It's been a DIY day here.
Just small things really but so time consuming!
I could not sleep and so got up at 6 a.m. and started the first thing which was to silicone the gap under the back door and around the skirting's been driving me nuts for ages!!!
Well 3 hours later and I managed to finish that little job!!! It was only about a 7 foot stretch in total! Ha Ha.
First the gap was too big to just use the silicone and I had no other filler and I wanted to get it finished and...and.... so I bunged the gap a bit with cardboard first.
...might not be the correct way but it worked for me! LOL
Tried to tackle fixing the outside hose reel holder as the plastic handle has lost it's grip and will not actually turn the reel and so I have to turn the reel by hand to get the hose back on it!!!!
It's too laborious by half.
Well the jury is out on that till tomorrow when I check if what I did will hold properly....probably won't so quite a lot wasted time on that too!
One success was my new hook on the back of the door for the dining/craft/spare bedroom for me when guests stay in the proper bedroom!!!!
I found this a couple of weeks ago and it was perfect except for the colour.

It is only a subtle change but the black/yellow/gold combo works in the room far better than the brown/black combo did! I even coloured the screw head to match in's Paperartsy Fresco's in little black dress and haystack with Adirondack gold dabber.

Now I have somewhere to hang my clothes when it doubles up as my bedroom for the odd occasion. :)
It's a small thing but it made me happy.
Hope you have had a good day....the sun decided to make an appearance today about 1 p.m. and it's still shining...makes a pleasant change....awful weather this year.
See you tomorrow for an Artistic Stamper piece.
xoxo Sioux


  1. Sounds like you have had a very busy if somewhat frustrating day! Hope you get to do something fun tomorrow!!

  2. Least you got some of those small time consuming jobs out of the way, well done. Hopefully you can now do some fun stuff now. Tracy x

  3. Oh well done you - even without the gap being too big to begin with, I find silicone a really difficult you could tell if you were to visit and look at out shower tray!!


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