Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Last Straw!

Just to let you know I'm not about to keel over and admit defeat on the dismal front!
But this could have been the last straw today...
...I nearly could not get into my bottle of wine the metal bit just kept moving round and round and not coming off!!
Help.......sound of a bugle and the cavalry to the rescue

...YES! T!m and his scissors save the day ;) Phew!
Thank you for the biggest hugs in the world that you have left means a lot....and yes Clare I am too independent for my own good! LOL
Sioux xoxo


  1. Thats why I always drink screw topped wine!

  2. Yay for wine!!!!thank heavens for Tim!!!. Big hugs darlin xxx

  3. Now that made me smile! Great use for those scissors! Enjoy your wine. Hugs anesha

  4. When that happens - and it's the only bottle in the house - the big green monster comes out in me, plus a screw driver, some wire cutters, a diamond glass cutter....anything to get into the bottle. Learnt on Sunday that those scissors can break when cutting metal, so I reckon a 2nd pair would be a good investment.
    Joanne xxxxx

  5. Hello Sioux, you have been so brave this last year that it's only natural you should feel like you do just now. All those little things must feel like mountains when you're facing them on your own - though, as you can see, there are lots of people who care and are thinking about you.....we all know that cannot make up for what you have lost of course. You are a very strong lady and I'm sure that there are happier times ahead for you.
    Hope that wine was good after all the trouble getting into it! Lindsay (((X)))

  6. Glad the scissors did the trick. I'm just now catching up by the sounds of it you are not being hard on yourself and being very practical about life. For every peak there has to be a trough but they do not last. XOXO Zoe

  7. You weren't going to put the lid back on anyway were you!lol Now I know I have to get some of those scissors.


  8. I keep trying to TELL people these scissors are a "must have"! Some of them just don't get it. LOL I'm glad YOU do *smiles*

  9. Indespensible, those Timmy scissors! Sorry to hear you've been struggling, sending you hugs Sioux! xxx


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