Monday, 28 March 2011

Grungy Monday - in two very different ways!

What a fitting title for today 'cos... I am remembering the fact that is was Pip's birthday (it would have been his 58th)
...yet another milestone in my year of mourning!
I've managed to cope through quite a number of milestones and there are just a few more to get through till the biggie on the anniversary of his passing!
If I don't think about it too much it might not be such a biggie perhaps!!!
I've yet to collect his ashes from the undertakers....still not quite sure when I will be able to do that....but bless them they did not hassle me about my mother's till I was ready!!!
I really miss the fun times like this photo of Pip who had already phoned me to say he was freezing (even though we do have central heating!) and when I got in from work at lunchtime I walked into the kitchen to see this :) HOL

I don't know if you can tell on the photo but his eyes are watery 'cos he was cracking up chuckling and trying to suppress a laugh till I stepped in the room!!!
Hilarious.....but that was Phil all over ;)

Today I am thankful that I have all my happy memories and that Spring and Summer are on the way.
....I have been able to sit out in the garden for lunch last week for instance (without thermals!) !
...I made the first cut on my lawn and managed to dry the washing outside ;)
....simple things, but they make me happy and bring signs that Summer is on the way :)

Even better though is the thought I might be able to join in with the challenges at Grungy Monday the new take on the popular Compendium of Curiosities hosted by Linda ;)
xoxo Sioux


  1. Memories are sometimes what keep us going. I have them just as you do now. Not a brilliant day today perhaps, but it would have been in years passed, and those are the special, happy ones. The ones to come will be precious to you in a different way.
    Did I mention that you are part of my special days now and to come?
    Hugs Joanne xxxxx

  2. It is so special that you can share your memories with us, and hard though today will be, you know you have us here with you. Hugs, Helen.

  3. oh hun its memories,that keep us going,maybe not a brilliant day,but as the years pass they will be just as precious,but in a different way,its nice that you can share these with us,take care hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

  4. Happy memories are the ones you should keep and they will keep you going! Thank you for sharing!
    Sunny days and lunch outside are my favourite - I have a terrace where I do that from May till September!
    Lots of hugs

  5. Will be thinking about you today and hoping that memories like the one you shared will let you have smiles on a difficult day. Love the photo, and that's my sense of humour too! Hugs, Lindsay x x x

  6. Great pic Sioux. What a special memory.

    Thinking of you today & holding you in my thoughts & prayers.

    Love & hugs, Gez xxxx

  7. Happy Birthday Pip- he looks like he was a sweetie xx
    Love to you hunny xxx

  8. Sending you a maaahooosive HUG hunny... the first year always brings so many firsts and they are always so hard to handle... that photo of Pip... he looks like he was a bundle of fun and I am sure that he is with you still, I know some will think I am bonkers but I always think that our loved ones do stay with us and guide us through the bad times and help us enjoy the good times... thinking of you today hun... may the sun be shining on you xx

  9. Aw hun, sending you a great big hug.. loving the photo, It's on days like these that photo's like that will make you remember all the good times x

  10. I am happy that you have so many happy memories & I know you will have enough to see you through those dark days. I can't imagine how you feel, but I suppose we have to go on knowing that they are well and that this isn't the end but the beginning of a wonderful existence that you will also join not only Philip but your mother and any other family that has gone before your self so I am sure he is in good company with family and waiting with smiles wanting you to enjoy the gift that life is.

    love Dawn xx

  11. What a great photo, obviously sparking off lots of happy memories and also reminding you of what a wonderful man Pip was. I can't imagine how it must be for you, the feelings you must be experiencing.......Keep strong, hold onto all of the happy times you shared together. Love and hugs from Sue x

  12. Thinking of you
    Alison xxx

  13. Hey hun, so glad that you can share your memories through your blog. I find it helpful too. Pip looks hilarious in this pic and that is the memories that im sure he would want you to keep hold of. Thinking of you darlin. Big hugs Clare xxx

  14. The milestones are always hard, Sioux but you have lovely memories to keep you going. What a great photo.
    You sound like the simple things are making you smile which is lovely, hold on to those and the hard days will get less.
    Sending you my love.
    hugs Lisax

  15. Happy memories... My husband of 40 years less 1 week, died coming up 4 years ago... As the time passes, the memories are the same, but less raw... Give yourself permission to do your thing, whatever that is... Now and the anniversary, and all of them to come, as the years roll round... Your art will sustain you, and your cyber friends... You touched myblife today, and I am walking with you a little way
    Love and light
    Ps... Love can come again.. I now have another lovely man to share stuff with me...


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