Wednesday, 2 February 2011

WOYWW - Mini Tour

Thought you might like a more in depth tour of my little craft cupboard this week and when you have finished here take yourself over to Julia at mission control to see more facinating spaces :) I had to take a few different shots as it's difficult to see it all on one photo as the space is limited.
So this is the full cupboard on one wall of my bedroom...there are two full sliding doors which obviously means that I can only work in one half at any one time.

...I can reach over to a certain degree for the odd thing but after that it's slide the doors over!
This side is the inking/stamping area...

...I really had to make the decision to dedicate it to this space as I have had too many near misses with the ink pads falling on my beige carpet in the dining room! Lucky for me someone up there was watching and they all fell butter side up if you get my drift!! LOL
My DIY skills came into play again when I hit on the idea of putting these metal clips under the existing shelving my DH made for me...

...all my ink pads are here and my gel pens and markers...and on top are my mini misters and spray inks......and now I have a tidy place for my ink brushes...

...the darkly inky one at the end is the first one I bought about 3 years ago...just a cheapo shaving brush from a pound shop and I had been cursing not buying a couple more ever since!! Then I went to the NEC last November and YES! I saw this set of "Ink Dusters" from the Inkylicious stand on special offer....well you've just got to!
The cupboard wall on the left has some narrow shelving... houses stuff like Distress Ink refills, various re-inkers, Alcohol inks, Adirondack acrylics, Stickles and glitters.
I've tidied the cork board and on display at the minute are a colour wheel chart, some keys to remind me to think about using them LOL, an antique metal book mark/paper clip that has the most gorgeous sort of green man image,
(I love green men....did I hear someone say beam me up?!!! HOL)
and of course my T!m photo with my ticket attached for the big event in only 22 days time...eeek!

Well this is getting to be a bit long winded so I'll wrap it up there and show you the other side next week! :)
Thanks for looking and don't forget to wizz over to WOYWW to see a whole load more.
xoxo Sioux


  1. Amazing crafting cupboard you've got there. How lovely just to be able to shut the doors on it to hide the clutter :-)
    A x

  2. What a wonderful work space. Everything so organised and to hand.


  3. Great idea with the metal clips Sioux. Your workspace is looking fabulous. 22 days is that all. WOW! Exciting stuff. :)

  4. Wow! that is a really brilliant workspace. I love the way everything has it's own space AND is visible as well as being just a hand reach away. No wonder you produce fab things with that plus your amazing talent.

  5. Lovely tour around your cupboard - craft space! I find it very organised - I think that more space you have the less you are organised! (thats me - always a mess)
    What do you use those big brushes for??

  6. What an amazingly organisied craft cupboard, lots of lovely bits in it too!!
    Have a great WOYWW,
    Karen #88

  7. Great cupboard full, you are much better at me than turning your hand to DIY things! My ink pads always fall butter side DOWN....

  8. Wonderful storage, you must be thrilled with this! Sue #83

  9. Wonderful and so organized. Have a great day.

  10. Thanks for the chance to nose through you very organized cupboard xx

  11. WOW amazing cupboard, happy woyww, thanks for sharing :)
    crafty hugs - Andria (42).

  12. thats a first - a cupboard as a storage, like that everything is in its place, great workspace, happy woyww, thank you for sharing, #9

  13. fab organised space you have. glad your carpet didn't fall pray to "Murphy's law" LOL! I tend to get them on my trousers on the way down!

  14. Jen - looks great! You are so creative and organized!

  15. I am so impressed of how you utilized this space!! Star (125)

  16. Have tried persuading the "boss" to move into the small bedroom (read craft room)as our bedroom with all the fitted wardrobes would be fab for my crafting - NO GO!
    What a fabulous craft area you have - so envious. Going now for a weep. #17

  17. amazing crafting space. I love all the space I have but I think you tend to buy and fill up what ever space you use. Very nice being able to shut the doors and it looks so neat and tidy! Thanks for sharing! Vickie #80

  18. the smaller the craft space the more creative the organization and storage solutions. Great job

  19. That is a pretty neat workspace you have - I love seeing other people's ideas on how to organize craft items - thanks for sharing! Rae #102

  20. Wow - a great workspace and storage!

  21. You really missed your vocation you know, should have been a packaging engineer! That's some cupboard you've got there, quite Narnian in proportion!

    Brenda 91

  22. Oh genius idea and wonderful way to use space! I bet you love having it all tucked in there - it's like a really big secret that makes you grin!

  23. Wow.Thats some cupboard youv'e got there and its only half of it you say!! Can't wait to see what is in the other half.
    Hugs Mrs A. #82

  24. Oh my, love this space! I'm fascinated by the brushes, will have to look up "Ink Dusters".

    Susan #114

  25. Wonderful creative workspace, thanks for the tour.

    Thanks for sharing, hugs Marjo lucky #1


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