Wednesday, 23 February 2011

WOYWW - I'm ready to go!

Tomorrow I'll be starting up the car and beginning the trip of a lifetime to......
.....Newport Pagnell of all places!!! LOL

Not that there is anything wrong with Newport Pagnell for those of you who live there....and seeing as I once lived there myself when I was very young I think I can aim a good hearted joke at it ;) .....if you are interested my mum and dad ran The Black Horse Cafe for a while....a combined truck stop/coffee bar and restaurant for the race goers on the way to Towcester race course amongst other people...
......I'm going to see if I can find where it was (can't imagine for one minute it is still standing!).

Anyway.....I digress......of course Newport Pagnell is the centre of the entire universe this Thursday and Friday 'cos it's "Artsy Crafts" with T!m Holtz as the special guest sharing his talents.....hope some of it rubs off! LOL
I have an awful feeling the day will flash by and I won't remember a thing!!! There will be so much packed into the day I imagine and there is also the class with Leandra and Lin to fit in and absorb! Will my brain take the strain I wonder?

Right it's WOYWW so after that little lot I'll show you what is on my work desk...YES...It's true I don't have any shelving stories this week....what a relief I hear you all cry!

Head off to Julia and see what wondrous things are on the many desks around the world.

So this is what is on my space.....
....still not got very far into week 2 of Art, Heart and Healing (ssbfl)...'s about creating whimsy characters and I've only got as far as doing these two to make the second 2 page spread in the board book art journal! I'm glad it's an online course that I can dip into at my own pace.....I'd have given up going to a night class by desire to create has been missing a bit just lately....let's hope "Artsy Crafts" can reignite it! HOL
I'll be meeting up with some very special bloggers...some of you I already know and some of you I have yet to meet. Wow! I can't believe it's about to happen.

This is the inchie I made for the collective took me longer to make this than it does a full blown card! HOL

CU there if you are going and if not I'll try and remember to take some photo's for the blog....but knowing what happened the last time I went on a class (my first) it hardly entered my head as it was so busy, busy creating wise!

Thanks for looking
xoxo a very hyperventilating Sioux

P.S. I don't much like having my photo taken...that's why I have a digital avatar...but if you are interested my photo is here...just in case I frighten the life out of you by greeting you like a long lost friend 'cos I recognise you from your photo on your blog!!! HOL


  1. You look gorgeous hun :D
    Hope you have a WONDERFUL time with T!m & all the lovely crafters/bloggers.. please give Joanne a BIG squodge from me if you see her & Laura :)
    Love your Whimsey's..can't wait to see them coloured in :)
    Have a safe journey..XXX

  2. Wish I was going! You must have a fabulous time and I'm sure you will absorb it all, if not with your brain, with your heart. Your desk is tidy today but i'm sure after vthe class it will change!

  3. HI...I was thinking of you all day yesterday when I was watching Tim on QVC...Having to sit on my hands beacuse I am not allowing myselft to buy anything new untill I have made 100 things...I still have 69 makes to go!!!...........enjoy every min, look forward to seeing all your pics and all the fab things you will make....

    Love seeing your drawings on your desk...I have pulled out all my old art stuff from the loft in an attempt to start my art journaling...just so many things to do!!!....thank you for all your inspiration!!!!

    Hugs Juls.

  4. Hope you have a wonderful time with Tim :-)
    If you haven't been yet please pop over to our blog shop, leave us a comment and be in with the chance to win a crafter's apron.

    Good luck.
    A x

  5. Have a fab time and give our love to all our WOYWWer friends!!

  6. loev the drawings
    vicky #59
    ps enjoy your time with tim x

  7. Hi ya
    great drawing, lovely inchie, have a fabulous time, look forwad to seeing some piccies, ,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(18)

  8. It's a lovely photo! I wish I was going now.... mind, I have spent so much lately it's probably as well. Have a hugely fantastic time, hope to see your gorgeous projects when you get back. Safe travels!

  9. Have a really fab time with Tim, great drawings on your desk :)
    Have a great WOYWW,
    Karen #91

  10. Have a fab time with Tim so jealous couldnt make it this time .but i had my dose of MR T yesterday on qvc when i well treated ymself as i m not going just had spend instead!Have lovely day enjoy every minute .
    Please if youve not popped by to say hi i have some of my fav crafty goodies up for Candy So if you like Mr T you will loveee my candy.
    so if you get a chance come enter .good luck have fabulous day say hi ,cant wait to see piccys
    hugs judex 7
    p.s your piccy is fab!

  11. Hey there Sioux from the De Vere, Newport Pagnell. Just arrived and settled in. The room is really lovely with everything anyone could want. Bar opening times - very important - 6.30 - 9.30. Not much time for us on the late class, but hey, who cares. See you tomorrow.
    PS you will recognise me, I'll be the one with puffy eyes and matchsticks holding them open!

  12. I hope you have the best time ever!!!

  13. FRIDAY!!!!!! Can't wait!!!
    Have a wonderful time!!!!

  14. Love your drawings very cleaver you! have no idea which one is you in the photos but there all lovely looking ladies

    Love Dawn xx

  15. Have a wonderful time and it's great to put a face to the name! Have fun. Hugs Anesha

  16. Very nice to "meet" you Artyjen! I always thought your name must be Jen!! Yes, NP doesn't exactly seem like the centre of the universe does it!! Used to live there myself, many moons ago when I worked at Aston Martin! Have a brill time, unclench your buttocks and just breathe!!!!

    Brenda 103

  17. Have a fantastic time Sioux! Love your drawings and look forward to seeing all your photos and what you've made. Love, Lindsay x x

  18. I had to laugh at your comment, Sioux, yes of course you'll be too busy with a very important date on Friday and yes I am green with envy, especially being glued to QVC all day yesterday.
    I'm sure you'll have an absolutely fabulous time. A friend of mine was lucky enough to go to one of Tim's workshops in Harrogate last week and she loved every minute and even got to meet the great man. Enjoy every second and take lots of piccies for us.
    Hugs Lisax

  19. hey Susan, its me a fellow friday late class attendee, just so you know Tim is all mine so hands off him, Im leaving tomorrow am, am just sorting out my packing list, feeling a wee bit better today. What time do you think you'll get there. excite excite excite :)

  20. Love your little inchie. Have fun with Sir Tim. Have a safe trip.
    Hugs Mrs A. #76

  21. You'll have a fab time, absorb as much as you can and enjoy...the more you enjoy the more you'll take in! And don't worry about talent rubbing off - you have spade loads anyway!

  22. Hope you have a wonderful day to remember ...dont look so serious look good.xx

  23. Awesome drawings and inchie! Have fun at Tim's class. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #148


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