Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Shelves, shelves, shelves!!

I had this all set to post for last weeks WOYWW but my time was occupied with trying to sort out unexpected jobs like blocked drains and the like!!!

All I seem to do recently is mess about with shelves!

For more work desk fun and possibly other shelves hop over to Julia at WOYWW for more ;)
I spent the best part of 6 hrs on Saturday 5th Feb installing new shelving in what was the airing cupboard in my bedroom.
I bought the MDF and had it cut to size at B and Q about 4/5 weeks ago now but only just got round to the job!
(It's still a work in progress on the stamp/general craft wardrobe section! Perhaps next week? I'd really like to have it finished before I travel to the T!m workshop in 8 days time.....eeek!)

If you remember three weeks ago I showed the ladders that have been a permanent fixture propped up against the wall in the bedroom.....
part of the reason for re-hashing the cupboard was to accommodate these and hide them away behind closed doors ;)

If I had actually thought about the fact the ladders would need more room to get in and out than I allowed for it would have been a lot easier.
...but I didn' the upshot was I had quite a lot of extra sawing to do!!
Thank heavens for electric saws..........and also thank heavens for that special someone who is watching over me 'cos on the very last cut on the very last piece I let the saw shoot off the end and it clattered against the wall (I was using the outside patio wall top as a workhorse/bench!) and the blade bent!
No damage to the wall or me.....but so lucky I had done all the sawing I needed to do :)
...must remember to buy a replacement next time I'm passing the store.
Even with an electric saw and electric screwdriver attachment my shoulder and finger joints are still paying the price today!

So what do you think? I'm really pleased with the way they turned out...nothing fancy but they do the job.
...the upright makes a handy place for the ladders and some of the stuff I put back on the new shelves won't be staying as they will be moved to the shed when that has a sort out.
.....but that is a whole new organising task that I can't do till the better weather arrives!!!
.........perhaps I've gone over the top with this though...?

...colour co-ordinated brads to keep the elastic in place that stops the ironing board from rattling about on its holder too much!!! HOL
Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. Handy Handy! Great organization. I am SOOOOOO jealous of your Tim trip. I really wanted to go but at the time was unemployed so couldn't get a ticket! You must enjoy it and take loads of pics to share with us!!!!!!! Have a good day.

  2. Ingenious and adventurous. So glad the blade didn't 'get' you. Peg leg was doing some finishing off in the kitchen a few years ago when the chop saw blade 'grabbed' the wood swinging it round and taking the end of his finger in the process!! Not a good thing. See you next Thurs. evening in the bar.
    Hugs xx

  3. Hope they have it, I looked over the weekend for some more at mine but they had none. But there is always something unusual there!

  4. love the reorganisation have a great time with Sir Tim

  5. Aren't you well organised!? Well done. Lucky you to get on the Tim course. I met him again at CHA and had a good chat before he started his dems, (saw a few of them too) he is so nice and is really good at sharing info hints, tips. Have fun.
    JoZarty x

  6. Wow, you can certainly turn your hand to a lot of things - I am as ever, very impressed. Love your reorganisation. And have fun with Tim & Mario!!

  7. Wow, well done you on your DIY! Glad you were not hurt. Thank you for your sweet comment on my canvas, Eva was after a Bee. Still girl was allergic to their sting so bad girl! lol.:)

  8. your organizational skills are amazing!!!! your little cupboard is looking great! Hugs juls

  9. Congrats on getting your project accomplished. S #106

  10. Blimey, well done with all this Sioux. Sawing and fixing!!!! I'm very impressed and things to stop your ironing board moving about!! Mine's propped up under the coat rack in the kitchen. I think I need you to come and sort me out and I have a man about the house too (don't tell him I said so though)!!!!
    Hugs Lisax

  11. Love the shalves .Have fab time creating with Tim im sooooo jealous but couldnt make it has other plans cant cancel.But do enjoy yourself get me qa photo of
    Happy Wednesday hugs Judex22

  12. You've done an amazing job...the saw story frightens and impresses perfectly sure that your man is proud as hell. AS for the colour co-ordination - I would have expected nothing less!

  13. What an amazing job you have done, its all looking very good! Have a great time with Tim!
    Have a lovely day,
    Karen #59

  14. The colour co-ordinated brads are the perfect finishing touch! Power tools are fun aren't they?!!

    Brenda 100

  15. Enjoy you day with Tim. Great idea for using a cupboard too.

  16. Very nice...Great use of the space and storage area. I wish I could visit with Tim too! Thanks for sharing.
    Vickie #30

  17. much talent but I was scared when I started reading about the saw! Well done you, it looks fab!!
    I'm off to see Tim on the thursday....7 more sleeps woo hoo :)


  18. Love the DIY in the cupboard and some matching brads can never be too much have a great time with Tim ~ Nicky no.6

  19. You go girl... it's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it and you did a brilliant job too :D
    Glad to see you managed to get on Tam's course... I hope you love it as much as I did. Can't wait to see how you progress...don't forget to share your paintings ;-)
    Chris xx


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