Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Groundhog Day!

It's Groundhog Day today in more ways than one!
Firstly of course it's the real groundhog....a.k.a. Punxsutawney Phil who saw no shadow today so predicts that it will be an early Spring.......hooray for that! :)
(My Pip loved groundhog year he had me sending postcards wishing friends a happy groundhog day from Punxsutawney had them all wondering!! Happy days ;)
It almost passed me by this year!

The other groundhog day like thing is my next art journal class with Tam for Art, Heart and Healing.
I managed to find a board book in the charity shop on Saturday and am about half way through the decoration of the first double page spread.
I wanted to share that....much as I love all things T!m.......the sort of white acrylic you use really does matter for this!!!
I mentioned that the Adirondack dabber just sort of sank into the colours on my first journal I made the decision to take myself off to Trago Mills on Sunday (a large out of town privately owned multi store) to get some daler-rowney titanium white acrylic....and very glad I did 'cos it was the last day of 15% off offer....result!...and having now compared the two I am forced to the conclusion that there is some sort of additive in the Adirondack that makes it able to flow through the sponge dabber but unable to do what the proper acrylic paint does!!!
If you want to do the blending technique that Tam shows in the lesson then I'm afraid paint dabber just won't do.
This is the page so far and it has taken me this long since Sunday because I have had to redo the transfer images 4 times for the large one and 2 times on the small one!!!

The inkjet transparency transfer on the large image just was not working
(yes it's me folks......crumbs is it that time already....years ago! HOL)

a...the first time it did transfer to the surface but was very bitty and part of the gesso background peeled off with it!!!
b...I did the gesso again and was even worse than before
c...decided to peel off the glossy upper layer of the board book......reapplied the gesso! did the transfer........still hopeless......I'm beginning to wonder if there is something in the Claudine Helmuth Studio matte medium that reacts different for this technique.
d...decided to go my own way and printed off the picture on plain paper....tore round the edges and stuck it onto the surface with the matte medium.....result
...even if the inks did merge a bit I like it!!!
The smaller one was done in a similar way to transferring onto sticky back canvas only on the gesso was totally my fault and not the products as I just rubbed too hard/added too much water and the image came off!!!

Thanks for looking Happy Groundhog Day!
xoxo Sioux


  1. Sounds like you are learning lots while doing this book. Can't wait to see it completed. :)

  2. Always wanted to go to Trago Mills - just love the name. Good luck with your board book altering!

  3. Ooo well done for not giving've got great results so far. :) can't wait to see more..

  4. Happy Groundhog Day, Sioux. An early Spring sounds fab!!
    I'm glad you sorted your white out. I always used proper white acrylic, it just seems to work better, like you say and a big tube lasts ages!!
    It's funny you going to Trago Mills, we used to drive passed there everyday on holiday one year and never went in. Now whenever I hear it I can picture it in my head!!
    Your pages are gorgeous, I've always wanted to have a go at image transfer.
    Happy altering!
    Hugs Lisax
    P.S. Thanks for the peek at your fantastic crafty cupboards.

  5. I love the result, especially the bleeding of the inks. It adds to it. Those pages are going to be so very special. I love Trago and have picked up so many crafty bargains from there over the years. Doubt I shall be going this year though. Looking forward to seeing this project finished.

  6. Loving this page was worth all the faffing in the end.

    I have done some transfers before I also bought Daler-Roney impasto gel MATT medium and it worked like a dream first time. I was very very impressed. That was months ago and I have slept since then, can you e-mail me the technique I have forgotten how I did it (DOH) I will have to write it down. I, like you some times think it's better for some things if you get the artist stuff yes it's more exp. but it's quality and actually it's not that different in price when you look at the amounts you get.

    Love Dawn xx

  7. Lovely page, lovely colours. Image transferring is very satisfying - once you get the hang of it - I love doing it on sticky back canvas - had a bit of a thing about it last Autumn - you've set me off again.

  8. this is amazing!!!! Love your work...Thanks for the waring of the paint daubers...I was planning on using them...I have just dragged all my old painting stuff from the loft, It will be interesting to see if it has all dried up or not!!!! Thanks for all your inspiration! Hugs Juls


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