Saturday, 12 February 2011

Funny old week!

It's been a bit of a funny old week!
If it could happen it has happened and I confess it got a bit too much one day and tears of frustration broke out!
a) If you read my post on Monday you will know there was a problem with the drains....I have to tell you I did indeed need the man with the equipment!! £96.00 lighter in my pocket too!
b) The fingers on my right hand seem to have galloping arthritis.......they keep locking and it's a bit painful to force them to unlock!
c) My toilet flush push gave way and I can't see anyway to fix it! I'm pouring water from a large pan down the thing for now and I had to turn off the in line stopcock thingy 'cos it won't stop filling!
d) A package arrived and the kind delivery man left it in my greenhouse...unfortunately he also managed to dislodge the door making one of the wheel things break and I came home at lunch to find the door had fallen off....luckily the glass had not broken and I did manage to get it back up in a fashion. be fair it had been a bit tricky to open for a while so I can't blame him totally!! LOL
(Good job it's not freezing weather or everything would be dead by now)

On the plus side..
...I like to try find a positive for every negative keeps me a bit sane!

a) It was a girlie night out last night and we had a fab time.
b) I'm losing weight around a pound a week (I'm very happy with that!).
c) It's only 12 more sleeps till T!m!
d) The door wheel things for the greenhouse arrived Friday and I've spent 2 hours today just getting the old screw out 'cos it was rusted in.
...lots of dremelling (is that a word?!) and sawing of metal.
..fitting the new wheel (that bit was easy!)...and hanging the door back on....(that was not so easy!)...and now my shoulder is aching like mad!!
...I was going to fit both wheels but I lost the will to live after the first one and the other wheel was not damaged so I did not think it worth the effort LOL. is a positive 'cos now the door is fixed :)
So now I've decided to !*$$ the DIY jobs for the rest of this weekend and play with stamps :)
Here's one I made this afternoon.

Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux

Inks - Versamagic oasis green, mango madness, aloe vera. ColorBox apricot, canary, seaglass.
Distress old paper for the aging
Stamps Papertrey Ink - Signiature Series Dress Form sentiment, Embellishments scrolls, Green Thumb flower heads stems and leaves.


  1. Sounds an odd week to be sure! Great card Sioux, Jo x

  2. Poor you, sounds like a really tough week. Well done you for mending the door! Lovely card, love the colours. :)

  3. You have had a mad old week - I'd have given up long ago... love this card, wonderful colours, and really CAS.
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  4. Well, I can see you definitely need a dose of Tim to cheer you up. S*d the repairs except your fingers, and look forward to the week after next. C U then.

  5. aaaw weeks get like that :(( they say things come in 3's!! Hope next week is better.. and then there is Tim!! lol
    HUgs x

  6. That's a beautiful card, love the spring feeling.

  7. Gosh - sounds like it has been horrible for you.

    This card is beautiful - I just love the simplicity of it.

    On the arthiritis front - I have arthiritis in my fingers quite badly. Recently I had xray guided injections into the joints (under sedation), and it is now coming up to two months. All I can say is - that it has made a huge difference to me.

    I am also going to see Tim, 1030 group on the Thursday, so hopefully I will get to meet you.

    Take care.

  8. Sorry to hear you have been having a bad week am sure it can only get better from now on! Just over a week to go now -whooo hoooo! - have my scissors ready and everything!

  9. What a week you've had of it Sioux. Well done for fixing the door, think I'd have given up and got cross!!!!
    Sounds like lots of crafting is needed to make up for all the DIY. You've certainly made a great start, this card is gorgeous.
    I hope this week goes a bit better and there's always Tim.
    Hugs Lisax

  10. fab!!! Love the fresh colours and the distressed edges! Hugs Juls

  11. This is so pretty,I just love the muted colours,lovely! Have a great weekend, Julie.x


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