Sunday, 19 December 2010

Strictly A-May-Zing!

I missed Strictly last night! Shocking!
It's Christmas and a night out with friends can't be repeated at this time of year
...but Strictly can be viewed as many times as you like on BBC I Player!!! Yes! Yes! YES!
What a fabulous evening (both with friends and watching the show today).
So difficult to have to choose this year...all so good for so many different reasons.
But I think the very best couple won in the end
Kara is so graceful and the pairing of those two was a stroke of genius.
I have to say I do love a man who is not afraid to show his emotions and the chemistry all helps with the overall performance.
At a pinch I could forsake RA for Artem but Artem clearly adores Kara so there is not much point in going there is there?!!! HOL

Sort of makes me want to learn to dance but I'd like to learn to dance with a great dancer...and I bet that does not come cheap!
You see I've always had this dream....and it is a dream! To be in Vienna for New Year and dance the waltz at the main New Years Ball there in a fabulous gown
....but being only 5ft and half an inch (the half inch is really important! LOL)
the dress impact might not be what I have in my minds eye!!
Then in conjunction with that waking up on New Years Day to find I have tickets to the Concert at the Musikverein for the Strauss fest :)
(the tickets are like gold dust to get hold of
...I keep entering the draw each year but no luck so far)
Oh well you can but dream.........sigh


  1. Ive not got into Strictly this year but I think Kara is amazing so I'm glad to hear she won :D

    Keep those dreams going never know they just may come true one day... I hope so.

    Chris xx

  2. You keep on dreaming hunny cos dreams DO come true you know. I know what you mean about the half inch...I am five foot two and a fag end - that fag end is sooo important LOL I loved the pairing of Kara and Artem... I wouldn't change him for RA though ROFL So, you can and I will take RA off your hands ;o)) Hope you having a good day hun...big hugs xx

  3. It really was a great final - I voted for Pamela in the first part but then transferred to Kara, she is such a good dancer and they make a great couple.
    Hope you one day achieve your dream!

  4. So no point in sending Ronnie Corbett over as your dream dance partner
    I loved Strictly this year but again the mean spirited Len spoilt the happiness that was being spread all around........oooh get a life Len.....and retire.........
    Have a happy christmas and a joyful new year where ever you spend it...... Hugs Annette xx

  5. Your post really struck a chord with me as I've always wanted to waltz round the bandstand in Vienna to some Strauss playing so that makes 2 dreamers lol
    On the Strictly front, I can see why Kara and Artem won as folks do like romance but I was a bit miffed as I thought Pamela should have won as I felt she put the most into it.
    Off to watch The Apprentice final now so mustn't say any more!

  6. I see no problem in dreaming at all. You know one of mine is to live in one of those harbour front apartments in Poole and watch my Sunseeker being built. That's if I can get RA away from you!!!LOL

  7. No harm in having dreams, one day a wish in a dream could be granted. I loved the final of Strictly as well, there was certainly magic in the air with Artem and Kara.

  8. Love your dream!

    I watched it too - and really didn't mind which of the finalists won, they were both brilliant! I loved Kara's show dance in particular, they put so much into it.

    I'm only 5 foot 1 inch - we could start a short peoples dance troupe of our own - lol.

  9. Ah, Kara...the right couple lifted that glitter ball - truly deserved - although I had a soft spot for Matt and Aliona and Pamela WAS great too an inspiration for women of a certain age :)
    I loved reading of your dancing dream - dreaming keeps us alive inside - I hope yours comes true one day! x


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