Wednesday, 10 November 2010

WOYWW - Crafting or Dining?

The other week Rosie left this comment on WOYWW
"Now come on admit it - you are on a secret mission to take over the dining room aren't you? And who could blame you - let's face it, most of us need a craft room MUCH more than a dining room!!"
Little did she know that running through my brain is the idea that I just might turn my dining room (which in my little bungalow is really the second bedroom) into a craft room..........Pip was the one who had a passion for cooking not how many times will I have people round for dinner?
Not many I guess!
The only thing weighing on my mind is that having a craft room and not a dining room cum bedroom will not be as appealing to someone who might want to buy my house in the's a consideration I have to take into account!

I've been pondering all possibilities and perhaps I could arrange it so that it is easy to convert it know the sort of thing...a few Ikea shelf systems etc...
...but then again!.......if I make better use of the space in cupboards I already have

.....and organise my bits and bobs better I could still have a dining room that I can craft in most of the time but could easily tidy up and then eat at the table at the drop of a hat!!! LOL

(I think it's giving me indigestion eating off a tray on my lap in the living room as well btw!)

(taken last night 09/11/10)

(taken 31/12/07)

Well that question is something I have been...and still am...working on!
At least I have come to the conclusion that I'm not happy with untidiness and being disorganised!
But then again........I'm finding it tricky to make my mind up about lots of things these days!
Oh Poo!
Head on over to Julia and the rest of the WOYWW crowd to see what's happening on their desks today.
xoxo Sioux


  1. Difficult decisions to make. Love your set table so beautiful. Too ashamed at the mess on my craft table to post a photo. Have a good day. Anesha :)

  2. That's a perfectly reasonable dilema. I had a 'porch' - it's now knocked through - which has been a porch, a fish tank (I kid you not, we fibre glassed it and had koi in there!!), a metal workshop - lathes etc, a dining room, an office, a seating area and a craft room, all at different times mind you. It now forms part of the kitchen and entrance and only has a little table, 2 chairs and a shoe cupboard. I now craft in what was a bedroom, then a bathroom and now is both my utility and craft room. So I see your problem!!!
    Luv Joanne xx

  3. Hi Sioux, I had a similar dilema... so I stole the spare bedroom and am a very happy bunny as a result! Are you about to sell up? If not I'd go for it, you can always make it look more bedroomy when you are ready to move. Happy Wednesday! Jo x

  4. I think I'm with Dotty Jo . I have what is laughingly called a 2 bed maisonette which you can use bed 2 for a dining room - as it was originally. Now it's full of books - can't see the table - would make a great craft room if I could rid myself of the books (that's a no-no! - unless the eye problem dictates, lol) Go for the craft room!

  5. what a dilemma...your table is so beautifully set....I watched a tv programme on houses, and the whole point of it was to make the space you have work for you and what you would use the most. I have a spare room/office/craft room. My hubby designed the space really well, There is a little corner which has all my office stuff in (I work from home)...we have lots of cupboards where all my craft stuff is stored, so it is all behind closed doors, so that when the room is used as a bedroom it is still a really relaxing space. so there may be a way of making it multi functional. I am not sure if that is any help or just more confusing!!...I look forward to hearing what you finally decide! Hugs Juls

  6. What a dilemma!! For me it would have to be a craft room. You need to live in and enjoy your house now and worry about putting it back to a bedroom if and when you decide to move!!!!! Make it work for you.
    We don't have a spare bedroom anymore, I've seen to that so no one is allowed to come and stay!!!
    Happy Crafting
    Hugs Lisax

  7. Great work desk,thanks for the snoop!x
    Maria inkymits
    #84 (i think)

  8. Hi Sioux..........go craft, defintely!! Love S xxx

  9. Difficult dilema but heres the questionwould you eat at the table more than you craft?thats the questions if you did turn it back to dinningroom?Happy organising.Have fab WOYWW
    hugs judex #20

  10. Ooer decisions decisions.....Rather you than me. I have to say life should be funn of fun so I think I would choose a craft room :-)
    A x

  11. Don't think it would matter to prospective buyers what you used the room for, as long as you didn't put in cabinets, or screw fixtures to the walls, or do anything that would make it difficult for someone else to change the use of the room. But it did look lovely all decorated for Christmas though. Hope you decide what to do soon!

    Brenda 90

  12. Why not get a drop leaf fold up table to bring out when you want to dine at it. I say use the house the way it suits you and that you get the most out of it. Enjoy and live for NOW not for the "just in case I move" ... if you move you can do a quick change back.
    I see the dining table pic is 2007... doesn't that tell you something!?

  13. This is a dilemma. The first thing to think about is who lives in your house NOW. The next buyers will make a hundred changes you never even thought of on their own. The selling agent can suggest a second BR or DR or rumpus room. You do what makes you happy.
    If eating off a tray on your lap is giving you indigestion try a tray table or desk instead while sitting on a proper hard back chair. I always think couch eating feels more like snacking than eating an actual meal.
    Best of luck and do what makes you happy not some future, maybe home buyer.

  14. Well it's only a dilemma if you let it be one Sioux - how about the shelving and such systems in your current room? I agree wholeheartedly about the doorstep appeal if you decide to sell...but again, it would just involve another transforming effort....and even if you don't use it very much, a dining room is a useful thing. How long term you thinking?

  15. Difficult to say but you do NEED a craft room eh???? You set a mean dinner table though!!!

  16. You can eat while you craft but you can't dine when you craft, so of course crafting!

  17. take it from someone with a craftroom Jen, you will never regret it...all that space just for you is wonderful...I would defo go for the craftroom
    Mina xxx

  18. It's taking me a while to get around this week as we swanned off to London on Wednesday.
    Decisions, decisions!
    I'm with you on the eating off your lap front... I just couldn't do it, it's positively painful. Your dining table set for New Year's Eve looks amazing, but that's only one day.
    I hope you can decide and be content with your decision!
    Chrissie #11

  19. What a busy but very productive looking dining table. I too had this dilemma until earlier this year and it even made me want to give up cardmaking altogether. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 36)

  20. Oh no contest, it has to be a craft room surely. You'll have a craft desk cum dining table when you need it.

    Is your dining room large enough for a sofa bed too? My craft room is in a spare bedroom & as it's a large room it has a sofa bed in there too which can open fully even with my craft desk in situ.

    We were also mindful of what if, when selling it wouldn't look like a bedroom - so having the sofa bed solves that.

    If I were you and not thinking of selling in the immediate future I wouldn't hesitate in converting to craft (am I an addict or what - lol)

    Good luck, whatever you decide xx

  21. It's bad enough that I am running nearly a week late, then I have been plagued with that pesky 503 error all night. Just wanted to drop in and let you know I was here this week. They say staging is everything when selling. I'm not sure it matters to the right buyer.

  22. this sounds like a very interesting design problem that perhaps can be solved in a way where the space is flexible. aren't there any interior design websites where you can ask for advice? is there enough space to convert one wall of the dining room to built in storage and craft desk that can be closed off to hide the craft stuff?


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