Monday, 29 November 2010

That Was The Year That Was!

Yes....all good things must come to an end!
You may have noticed a subtle change in my side bar ;)

I had delivery of the new Craft Stamper magazine on Saturday (only just got round to opening it!)  and the newly crowned Craft Stamper of the Year is there!
Such a wonderful piece of work :)
My lips are sealed as the winner may not know I did not last year!!

Wishing all good things for the lucky winners and if they are half as pleased as I was they will be in orbit already! LOL
So..........I was have been Craft Stamper of the Year :)

...I wanted to do so much more though during the past 12 months but life put a spanner in the works!
I hope I've lived up to the title with the pieces I've shown here. my profile says "Constantly striving to improve"

Thanks for reading my babble again today ;)...and thank you for being there for me
....each and everyone of you who take the time to leave me a comment
.....and those who just come to take a look see too ;) don't know how much it has meant and how much it still means to me.
See you soon with some inky stuff LOL.

..I'll leave you with one of my favourite T!m quotes "Enjoy the Journey"

xoxo Sioux

P.S. Get this.......I needed new black casual indoor jog type pants from M&S and yesterday I came away with a size 14!!!!!!!!!!
There is no accounting for sizing these days ;)


  1. Of course you lived up to expectations(more than, most most times)Just pleased that I can at last make comments as I have visited your blog loads! You may remember meeting at Dawn Bibby's and my saying I didn't do the bloggie thing,well thanks to gentle persuasion from certain people I do now!!
    You are an inspiration!
    Hmmm size 14 eh! See the green eyes!

  2. Sioux your artwork & creations are always inspiring. You have a wonderful imagination & it's lovely we get to see the outcome!
    FABBY NEWS about the size 14 hun. :D
    Guess no more cake next time we meet! ;)
    Sending you trillions of cyber hugs. Love Gez.XXX

  3. Your work is truly wonderful and so creative. I enjoy my visits to your blog very much. :)

  4. Well Sioux I would never have 'met' you if you hadn't won, and I'm incredibly happy to have your blog to pop into and admire, I think you've done more than live up to the title. Particulalry as it has been a year in which you've had to force yourself into forward thinking. All power to you gal, and if blogging has helped for one second during your darker days, then your blog followers like me are happy.

  5. It was a fabby crafty year for you, despite everything you created some gorgeous art.

  6. You most certainly have lived up to it Sioux. I have had a lot of inspiration from you over this past year since I began following your blog.
    You've had a tough time, but your art has been constant.
    Hugs xxx
    ps I'm opening some cava in a mo, would you like some?!!! xx

  7. Your work is always brilliant and inspiring. Annette x

  8. Hey girl! I would never have met you had you not been a beautiful, extremely talented crafter. However, I really must admit that living where you do did it for me!! LOL Seriously though, having had the great pleasure of actually meeting you and learning that you are not art trained (still find that hard to believe) you gave me a little lift because, although I could never create the amazing art that you make, I can at least have a go. For that, without all the rest, I thank you for your input into the crafting world of 2010.
    Much luv Joanne xx

  9. You've more than lived up to your title, Sioux and you'll be my Craft Stamper for ever. I love the things you create and I would love to be able to do things with half as much flair. You are a true inspiration both in your artwork and your outlook in life. You've had the most awful year, I can't imagine how you've coped and yet you blog with good humour and not a moan or a mop. I love stopping by and are so pleased to call you a blogging buddy. If we have helped just a tiny bit, as Julia says, I am so happy.
    Take care my friend
    Hugs Lisax

  10. you deserved your title!!!!! and I always love your work!...glad you still have a note that you have been stamper of the year in your sidebar!....that canvas was just so amazing!!!!! Hugs Juls

  11. You more than lived up to expectations Sioux! I remember seeing your winning artwork, & thinking how stunning & creative it was! I always get inspiration when I visit your blog! xx

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