Saturday, 27 November 2010

Fab Day!

It's turned out to be a fab day!
Don't know why  ....strike that!!! Actually I do know why it's turned into a fab day!
I had a bad week last week...seems like I'm always moaning but really I know it's a natural process and in a minute the good days will out weigh the bad. I went to Totnes for a little light shopping...yes Joanne I went to the craft shop!
Did an errand for a friend and exchanged some damaged ear rings....had a smooch around...wanted to get 4 red pillar candles for Advent but strangely could not see any! worries ;) might try M&S tomorrow 'cos I have some vouchers.

Found that there is a new (ish) Fat Face shop and went in to browse....not expecting to buy anything.......not my size you see but do like the stuff!
Well......there was theeeee most gorgeous red and white tartan pajama bottoms and they had them in size 18! Well.........I thought I'd try them on anyway as sizing these days leaves a lot to be desired don't you think ;) and what do you know? They were toooooo big! OMG I had to try on a size 16 instead........Yes..yes...yes they fit :) made me very happy I can tell you.

So.......nursey who took my blood etc. on Thursday and does not know me from Adam who said in a very condescending way....
" Your BMI is high do you know what that means?"
Yes I said.........I'm fat!
Geeeeeesssse I'm not thick...fat yes...thick NO! LOL
I carried on.....unlike me but she had got my back up!.....I should not worry about it....'cos I'm not! This is how much weight I've lost since my husband died in May I said...pointing out the large safety pin holding about 5 inches of extra waist band being held together so as I can get more wear out of my work trousers!
She went a tad quiet after that!!!

Ooooh! You don't know how happy it made me feel today :)

So I say SOD the BMI (sorry for the bad word) but it's all relative and for me this is heading in the right direction.....not that I'm dieting but it is what it is.

It made me mad because it could have made someone else be so upset that they turned to eating.....I mean some people!
Thanks for listening to my babble today ;)

Those who read this blog often, know my late Husband was the chef in this house and a darned good one too...hence the added reason for the loss of inches!
P.S. I'm wearing the jammies now...and gorgeous they are too! ;)


  1. Sounds like you had a good day, good for you. Well done with the nurse. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Hugs Anesha

  2. glad you had a good day, enjoy chilling out in your PJ's!! and good for you telling the nurse...way to go!!!! Hugs Juls

  3. Woohoo! Well done finding the pj's with your name on them just waiting for you to come & find them!!
    Ha! to the nurse *blows* raspberry!! & did we buy anything from the craft shop? ;)
    Enjoy your new jim-jams.xx
    Ooh, it'll be no surprise for me to tell you we have snow! Canal frozen solid. Sending you warm hugs, Gez.xx

  4. Yay, go Sioux! Well done on your PJ's and btw the weight loss - although I am sure this isn't something you're concentrating on. Every little victory!!

  5. Isnt it nice slipping into a smaller size than you thought you would need....enjoy the new PJ's!

  6. Wahay! fantastic. I tried to buy a coat the other day, went everywhere including Bolton! Found a beauty in a shop I've never heard of, pulled an XL off the rail, looked at the shoulders and believe me, I couldn't have gotten one shoulder in the thing. 'Peg leg' is the best with weight just now, he's lost over 1.5st.He also is good at telling folk what he thinks about them. How was David Dommet then, any goodies in Finishing Touches? Keep warm, it's sooooo cold here.
    Luv Joanne xxx

  7. Good for you!! My niece has recovered from anorexia so I know only too well how comments said in a certain way can have a dreadful effect on people.

    ANd well done on getting those pyjamas - enjoy your pyjama day xxx

  8. Don't people say the most riduculous things when they haven't a clue who you are and what's going on in your life. You told her, well done you!!!
    Your jimjams sound lovely, perfect for this Artic weather. I think we all need to spend the whole day in jim jams and under a duvet it's the only warm place!!!!
    Hope you find your candles and lets hope Anne is booted off tonight although I have a feeling she'll still be around next week!!!
    Hugs Lisax


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