Saturday, 30 October 2010

Strictly Trick or Treat!

It's very much a "trick or treat" sort of thing for me watching Strictly Come Dancing this year!
One of those programmes me & Phil both liked fact I'd go so far as to say Pip loved it with a passion!
Now Pip did not dance...he would send himself up in other ways....but dancing in front of other people?.....Strictly a no no!
Perhaps that is why he admired the people who went on the show?
This week especially was very hard to watch....I think it was the theatricality of the Hallowe'en show that got to me...I know for sure that it would have appealed to Pip's showman tendencies :)
Well after all the sobbing and a sighing I have to say
...Ooh! Taa..ra...ra!
...Ooh! Scott....te..taa!!!
Loved...loved the show tonight...yes...even Ann Widdicombe could not make me wish she was not there!!!
However.....dearest Ann....I do feel you do not look as if you are trying and that to Pip would have been a no no!!! LOL
So dear Ann....I'm sorry but I think the time has come for you to go!
xoxo Sioux


  1. {{{{hugs}}}}
    I love watching the show with my hubs and the kids- Bruno is hilarious about Sccccccccottttttt!!! Love how he made Gavin blush!!
    Anne- ....well Anne made me cringe and hide behind the cushions *shudders*
    HAve a happy Halloween Crafty lady!!

  2. Sending you buckets & buckets of cyber ((hugs)) Sioux. Wish I could have watched it with you but alas Harry Potter was calling! ;)
    Take care hun.. I still need to tell you about Mr Morley ;) Happy witching, hugsya Gez.xx

  3. Im sure he was there with you ((hugs))
    I love that programme too....Im a big fan of Scott and Matt - and I think youre right, its certainly time for Ann to get off the dance floor and leave it to the others!

  4. Yes, Ann has to go, she is so bad, and I know that is meant to be half the fun - last night was hilarious - but GO. I love Scott and Matt, but Pamela is great too. I don't know that she was as bad as her scores suggested yesterday (but them I'm no dancer!)

  5. Are you sure it is Anne's time to leave? Surely Gavin has to go as he doesn't move - he is like a wooden plank and with about as much personality too. hahaha.


  6. I fear you are disappointed tonight! I love this programme too xxx


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