Saturday, 9 October 2010

ATC's from Ossie!

That would be from Oswaldtwistle and not from the dark man of rock Ossie Osborne!! HOL
...although who knows?...maybe he makes ATC's in his spare time!! Even more HOL
Anyway...I have been very remiss in not posting a picture of these fabulicious ATC's that I swapped at the workshop held by Lindsay Mason at The Dawn Bibby Design Studio.

Brown Beauty - She
Friendship - Joanne
The Giggles - Heather
Friends - Gez
Nature - Chris

Here is a picture of 5 happy people at the workshop who spookily also happened to have taken part in Heathers Chunky Grungy book swap :)
Joanne - Sioux (possibly the first and last time you will see my photo here!) - She - Gez - Heather

And here is Lindsay of course who is displaying the smaller of the matchbox shrines she made....which I have still not managed to find time to complete as yet!
..Hangs head in shame! :(
Lindsay was also in the grungy book swap but could not be in the group photo as she was the one taking the picture with my camera! Thanks Lindsay :) Thanks for a great class too...I learnt a lot and have now got a new very, very, very favourite technique of image transfer onto sticky back canvas :) :)

It was truly a day to remember for so many reasons...a lot of which I cannot put into words but here goes :)

....meeting lovely people who I have connected with through the power of the net for the first time
....taking my first workshop...well two actually as there was a morning session making a mirror and the afternoon one making matchbox shrines
...receiving my first Chunky Book
...Amazing! first time eating lunch in a motor home - thanks for the hospitality Joanne ;)
...time flying by faster than a speeding bullet
...being absolutely pooped out for 2 days afterwards
Sharing a crafting morning shopping, having coffee and cake - and realising time had flown by yet again
Thanks for a wonderful's been a bleak period recently for me
...some days it still is...suddenly togetherness vanished after 33 years of marriage!
...but it was refreshing to feel normal again....although some of you might question that looking at my photo!!! HOL

xoxo Sioux


  1. Morning Sioux. Didn't we have just the BEST day?? Loved meeting up with you and the day whizzed by so quickly. That photo of us all, has to be one of my favourites. Hope we can meet up again soon. Love S xxx

  2. oh hun looks like you had an amazing time,its just so special when you meet up with friends,you have got to know through,the blogs,I know it was special when I went too,take care hun love hugs cheryl xxxxx

  3. I had looked forward to that day with so much excitment I could have been a kid - some say I still am!! I was the lucky one though having met you once before, but now everyone else has we all appear to have been named 'The Girls'. Next year, maybe, we can all arrange to 'hassle' Lindsay again on a double workshop - now that would be fun and worth waiting for. You have made another 5 friends Sioux, at least.
    Luv and hugs
    Joanne xxxxx

  4. What an beautiful photograph (nice to put a face to a name Sioux) and you have some wonderful swaps there! and the sticky canvass transfer technique sounds very cool!

    Love Dawn xx

    Thanks for you congrats am SO excited lol

  5. great post!!! all the atc's look fabulous!!! I am quite envious, I have been to dawn bibbys shop a number of times, it is about 10 min away from my aunties house, so I do get a visit about once a year, there has not really been anything on any time I am down, I just keep thinking one day!!!! Loved seeing all your piccy's I am glad you had a wonderful time, you deserve it!! Hugs JUls

  6. Sioux that looks and sounds like a FAB time - so pleased to hear that you enjoyed lots of firsts....hope you've recovered now xx

  7. Hi Sue,
    Wish you had let me know you were in Osy would love to see you again, Love janet xx

  8. I just love the Craft shop bet you bought loads. x x

  9. Oooooh more GOOSE BUMPS!! rofl.. what a day! BRILLIANT :)
    What a super idea of Joanne's for next year!!!
    Plus don't forget IOU cake!!!!
    Love & hugs, Gez...xx Thanks for 2 days to remember forever with love..xx


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