Tuesday, 24 August 2010

NEC Booked Up

I've finally made my mind up and now it is all booked!
I don't know why...but I'm finding it hard to summon up the courage (not sure that is quite the right word I'm after but you get my drift?) to book a hotel on my own!
So I've started slowly by booking a Travelodge room (mmmm...not quite your 3 star on the beach sort of place) so that I can go to the November NEC Hobbycraft Show.
I've never been to the show before so am looking forward to it lots...and as it seems a big show I thought I'd take the option of booking a two day ticket.....'cos knowing me I do like to dwell and mull over stuff on stands at shows :)
I thought that if I did not book something soon I would find it harder and harder to do so in the future......now I've actually pressed the buttons I can't wait!
Perhaps I'll see you there?
xoxo Sioux


  1. I went to the NEC show 7yrs ago and it was fantastic. I did the March show and the needlework one was included. I so love my craft nowadays that I am too frightened to go to such a big show now, I would spend far too much, besides, I just hate the M6 south and all the roadworks around B'ham. You should be ok coming up to the NEC. Enjoy every minute.
    Luv Joanne xx

  2. Hiya! I'm going to be going on the Saturday of the show! Hopefully may see you there! I know you'll love it. S xxx

  3. You did the right thing, you'll defiantly need the 2 days to see it all, the nec show is massive, but lots of fun. And well done on taking the step, i know it must be strange but you'll be just fine x

    Great for you & Well Done for taking that first big step. (hugs)
    Hope you have a fantastic time. I've never been to a crafty show there.. I've been to the boat show there in the past many times years ago & it is a massive place.
    Wish I was comming too!!

  5. well done you hun... the first step is the hardest and you have made that now... you will love the NEC, tis a while since I last went but it is great... that feeling when you first step thru the door and see... all that stash! I love staying in hotel rooms on my own... cos I pretend I am a high faluting business exec and put my kecks in the Corby Trouser press LOL xx

  6. I've been a frequent single room stayer as a rep - the hard part for me is eating alone (take a book) and the total 'invisibility' sometimes. I'm guessing that the NEC Travelodge will be full of crafters which will be nice...you may well find a quiet room of your own turns out to be haven!


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