Thursday, 12 August 2010

Mercado Central Valencia

One of the pleasures of travel is sampling local food and in the Mercado Central you can see the very best of Spanish food on display
.......oh how I wish there was anything half as good near here!!!
The building itself is spectacular and they say there are 1000 stalls inside...I'm not sure there are that many but there are a lot!! :)
(I've been to the other famous one in Barcelona and thought that was bigger but liked the Valencian one better)

The dome inside the market

The ceramic tiled wall outside

Hams on display


Bocarones (whitebait...much larger than our English type...or sometimes known as white anchovy) we had these as a tapas dish one lunch time marinated in oil and vinegar....fabulous

Gorgeous little red peppers and fabulous loose salad leaves you can pick and mix...non of those nasty plastic bagged stuff here!

We went and had a coffee at a little cafe outside and these two guy/gals turned up on stilts...obviously part of the July feria entertainment

Thanks for joining me in the market today
Where to next time?
xoxo Sioux


  1. These photos are so lovely I almost feel as though I was there. Keep them coming.
    Luv Joanne xx

  2. I love how you're showing us a few photos every day or so - extending the pleasure for us - and hopefully for you. Love the look of that market - I think I've been to the one in Barcelona. (I was only there for a long weekend several years ago, but SOOOO want to go back)


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