Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Disapointed? Moi!

I was going to post some more Valencian pics last night but my little DIY jobs got the better of me! Please tell me how drilling a total of 6 holes can take over 2 and a half hrs?!
Not only do I have to sort out my craft stuff more efficiently but it seems I've got to make a start on Pips vast supply of tools (he used to be a maintenance engineer) 'cos it took a while to find some stuff there too!!!
I gave up after at last fixing a new number to my entrance post and putting up a TV arm on my bedroom wall that now I have to buy a longer aeriel cable and power extension for as they no longer reach the sockets on the wall!!!!!!!.....I've still got to put up the smoke alarm tonight
...that shouldn't take long she says!!! Ha Ha
Anyways just to say that the mirror workshop obviously had enough initial enquiries as I got a call back from DBDS around 4:30 yesterday afternoon to confirm my payment so thanks to anyone who read the post yesterday and booked it too
.....I'm very grateful and I'll see you there :)
Disappointed? No not moi!!!
xoxo Sioux


  1. I am so excited that you will be coming up north and to a Lindsay workshop. I promise you will have a day to remember full of laughs, banter, friendship - and you may just learn something too.
    Luv Joanne xx

  2. I am impressed with your skills! I am no good at anything like that and have no tools left (about the only thing the ex took with him... left all sorts of other (c**p! including a wreck of a car in the garage) so I just don't DIY! Glad your plea for workshop attendees worked!

  3. I am impressed with your DIY skills too. :) Might need your help when you come up. ;)
    Just remember to count to 10 & 10 again.!!!
    For one minute when I read your post title I thought you couldn't come up!
    I agree with everything Joanne says it will be a day to remember. (hugs)

  4. have a wonderful time,hun you certainly deserve it hugs cherylx

  5. I can't wait to meet up with you, it's going to be a fantastic day. I thought the sam eas Gez when I read your title! So glad we were wrong! Love S xxx

  6. Snap! I also thought, like Gez & She, that you meant you weren't coming North after all - and you'll definitely have a very enjoyable, fun day ..... got my place booked now too, so see you there! :o) Heather x

    (PS: I wouldn't have a clue how to put in a screw, build a shelf or put up a smoke alarm - I am truly impressed)!

  7. whoooo hooooo!!!!!! glad you getting to do the workshop you want! I am the same nowhere locally that does anything interesting. I keep looking at the DB website, as her shop is quite near my aunties house.....but there is never anything I fancy at the times I am down!...so excited for you, looking forward to seeing what you make! Hugs Juls


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