Monday, 16 August 2010

Changes #1

I started thinking about how things have changed since DH passed away....I did not want to forget and then thought perhaps it might be useful interesting a good laugh for others but this seems to have turned into a bit of a rant. LOL

Me and DH loved our holidays.....when DH was well and working we were lucky enough to sometimes get two European holidays a year
......happy times :)
Now I find that being on my own is more restrictive to having a nice holiday than it ever was when DH became ill!!......Sure things had to be organised to take into account the lack of funds for starters and then of course to cater for DH's complex needs if we did go anywhere but all that is insignificant compared with being a single traveller....

I know I'm lucky to have a bunch of girlie friends to go an a long weekend foreign city break with each year if I want to/can afford it but sometime I just might want to do something different.
I want to see new places and perhaps have the odd beach holiday every now and then.

So after thinking about a number of issues I've been toying with the idea of getting a new tent.....I have a small two man tent that you can't stand up in that we used to use for the occasional weekend camping at a craft show years ago....but my back won't stand (ha ha) for that these I want one that you can stand up in and is not too big and not too small....and easy for one pathetic female to be able to erect on her own!!! LOL
Am I asking too much? It seems I might be because they all recomend two people to erect this just health and safety spiel or do you really, really need two people?
I'll have to try to get to the bottom of that is the one I have my eye on

I had it in mind that this would answer my problems of taking a trip abroad and being charged the earth for a single supplement and then finding out that the extra you paid for that single supplement does not in fact entitle you to sole occupancy of a double room and in fact means that you have paid top whack for a box room....not that I've actually been anywhere myself to experience it but I've heard lots of tales and I don't relish the thought.....I want a room with a view with a're a long time dead and call me shallow but I've decided if I'm going to do these things I want what I want (at a reasonable cost) !!!!! So there LOL!!!
Actually I'm not wholly convinced I'd like being in an hotel on my own...oh heck there's no pleasing some people is there? LOL

It turns out that going on a tenting holiday abroad is going to be nearly as expensive as taking a conventional package because you are charged by the car of course on the ferry and again I'm going to have to pay a single suppliment in effect!!! I just can't win!

Oh well at least it would go some way to getting out and about around the UK as I think I might get myself a yearly sub to the National Trust and take myself off occasionally...although we are lucky around here as there are quite a few places in easy travelling distance for a day out :)
That's my rant over with for now
....I'll let you know what happens with the tent idea
xoxo Sioux


  1. Hi Sioux,

    My Dad has been fiinding the exact same problems with going on holiday as a single person as you. Now not liking camping, this year he decided to try a coach holiday to the scottish isles and HAD A BALL!!!

    Lots of single people to chat to and to enjoy the holiday with and no worries about travel or eating cos it was all included and not too expensive.

    He's trying a long weekend to Paris by coach next lol!

    Just a thought...

    Lesley x

  2. Good luck with your tent idea! I am impressed that you would even consider it - since my divorce I haven't been anywhere for a proper holiday apart from 3 wet days on a coach trip to Ireland, with a friend I've since lost touch with again. I am too scaredy (at 51!!!) to think about single holidays so I am VERY impressed at people who do!

  3. Right, thnat's it. I've just typed you a long comment on my views and given you a few things to think about, and this bloomin Blogger has eaten it. That's 3 this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Luv Joanne xx

  4. Have spent a happy day watching a 16 year old practice putting up a very old two man tent on his own with only minor difficulty..and lots of giggling! Am sure you can do it - we suggested to the boy that he should get a 'pop-up' tent, but he pinted out that they are a horror to get back in the bag!! Good luck. Totally undestand your single supplement issues, honestly, what a bunch of robbers.

  5. hi hun you are brave even to consider it as I too am a scardy and takes me all my time to go out with my other half just have a fear about going out,but the tent look,s brilliant hun,my kids,always managed to put tents up on there own,and no help from me as i am usless at that kind of thing,take care hun love hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

  6. I have every sympathy for your dilema. only the tents your looking at do reqire two people. However, at decathlon they have some super pop up tents that you can stand up in little more expensive as they are pop up but the only answewr I fear if you want a stand up tent for one person

    have a look at this link I am sure you will find something and in your budget!

    Love Dawn xx


    it's a family one to stand up in sorry not a bad price for a large tent and at first yes they are difficult to put away my tip for this is make sure if you buy one to get a demo of both put up and down and film it on your phone (most phones have video) and then practice at home and you will have the hang of it in no time xx

  8. Hi Sioux
    Know how you feel, I spent most of my life on my own with two children in tow. I decided that to have something good for us I would buy a (very old) caravan and whenever I felt the need, would go off even by myself if I needed the break. I am now on my 3rd (still very old) caravan and as I am the only driver still have to tow and deal with all the other stuff by myself. (I even have a craft stash in the caravan so I dont have to pack it every time!
    A small caravan might be the answer!
    x Michelle

  9. hi Sioux.... I've been my own now for a few years and i am missing holidays terribly! Like you i used to go a couple of times a year but now it's just no fun!

    hope it works out for you with the tent thing... gosh i don't know why people camp! lol


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