Saturday, 14 August 2010

Anyone for Tapas?

The longer I food shop for one the more I hate it!! GGgrrrrr!
I am not really into cooking from scratch at the moment.....I can do it....but I can't get enthusiastic about it right now :( 
Ready made meals on the whole are not my cup of tea and in the main are just too much for one I find
.......although I can recommend the Taste the Difference Paella at Sainsbury's :) Yum!
A loaf of bread would last me about 3 weeks so I buy my favourite M&S loaf and freeze down the slices
I do make a scrummy red pepper pasta dish from scratch that is really easy as the only thing you cook is the pasta :) but I've had that twice a week for nearly 8 weeks now!!!
Today I fancied something really nice but what? So I took myself off to M&S....pity it is over the other side of the bay or else I would do a little shop every week...and there were deals on buy 3 for £5 from the deli range
...Yeh! Little tubs/packets that mean I can mix and match for the rest of the week :) you fancy sharing my Tapas and pretending we are back in Valencia?

.....and yes that is Cava again...the rose sort.....:)
xoxo Sioux
P.S. See post below for Candy Winner #2


  1. Oh yummy! Hope I'm not too late to join you only is rice krispie cakes here covered with sprinkles. :D

  2. Oh yes I'd join you Sioux - I've been cooking for one for ages now and sometimes it does seem a bit of a faff. I tend to make a job lot of a certain dish and freeze the leftovers to save me cooking again!! Your dinner looks much more appetising than mine xxx

  3. Looks scrummy, Sioux - good for you. I sympathise re cooking for one - I remember how hard it was to summon up any enthusiasm. Used to end up with an omelette 8 times out of 10 and cheese on toast the other two, lol - and I LOVE cooking! Enjoy :D


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