Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Tag from Joanne

I met up with Joanne (My Tobyjug) on Sunday as she was in my vicinity on her hols with hubby. We had a great afternoon
.......shared a few laughs
.........had a few drinks
........shared a few tears (it's all the fault of lovable furriness called cats!)
.......exchanged some art work
and here is the gorgeous creation Joanne had made for me.......

is it not fabulicious?......another damp eye moment LOL.
Thanks for the hospitality and I'll be reciprocating when I get up to your end of the country
.....Oh Yes I will!!!!!

My new computer is now up and running although I am still not up to date with loading all the programmes on to it again from discs or fonts that have gone walkabout that I need to find again somewhere on the net!!!! Argh!!!
.....My social life seems to be taking over....where did that come from?!........out with the girls on Friday for a pre holiday evening get together to discuss the vagaries of Ryan Air baggage allowances amongst other things......out on Saturday trying to find some new shoes for my hols......amazingly for me...'cos I'm a fussy devil when it comes to shoes and that's the reason I usually only have a couple of pairs to choose from....I found 4 pairs I liked and bought them all.....oh heck you're a long time dead and I won't need any more shoes for some time now!!! LOL
Then Saturday evening a meal at Prezzo with more friends before going to see Joey the Lips...a great 11 piece localish band in the style of the Commitments is the only way I can describe them....sax, trumpet, trombone, drums, bass and electric guitar, drummer, 3 singers....yes that is only 10 but a girl who used to play in the band and plays sax also was over on hols from Spain where she moved to......if you ever get the chance to see them do so.....they played at Ruth Langsford and Eamon Holmes wedding the weekend before.
And of course Sunday I met up with Joanne :)
Going to have to curb all this gallivanting or I'll never make any art at this rate!! LOL


  1. Stunning tag!!! Sounds like you are one busy lady and glad you are finding lots of lovely things to do with friends. Take care.

  2. What a gorgeous tag your friend made you - I am glad to hear that you're being looked after and keeping busy. Have a great holiday and find time to make some art because you're so good at it!

  3. Sounds like the perfect mix of new friendship stuff to me, and the tag is indeed fab. And yep, you NEED the shoes. For sure.

  4. Wow that's a gorgeous tag you got given. It sounds like you have amazing friends xxx

  5. Isn't that lovely? What a treat! So glad to hear you're getting out and about - it will do you a world of good. The band sounds great - I love most live music anyway, but I bet they were a lot of fun. And of course you NEEDED the shoes... he, he!

  6. Oh! you are far too kind. I had a ball and glad you did too. Now shoes - any tips on finding some that don't rub blisters???
    Luv Joanne xxxxx

  7. oh this is one stunning tag hun sounds like you had a lovely time,you take care hun love hugs cheryl xxxxx

  8. Hay hun, glad to stop by and see your getting on so well, you can't beat a good old night out with the girls and a shoe spend lol
    fabby art as always.. sorry i've no time to comment on it all xx

  9. I have visited some blogs of this kind, but I think your one is the best. I like it because it is amazing. Thanks for writing.


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