Saturday, 17 July 2010

Fantasy? Ooh not half!

It's still working with tags this week at Something Completely Different and the prompt is "Fantasy" as chosen by Gez.....thanks for the challenge :)
At first I thought dragons...castles....knights....then one thought led to another and I ended up with this......well it is MY fantasy!!! LOL

I found a picture I liked of tango dancers and I digitally played around with a photo of Richard Armitage (you know how much I like him right?) and pasted his face onto it...printed it off and cut out the dancers. Added some stamping.....spookily the T!m dance step seems to depict the Tango....(although it does not have the final left foot on the left hand side....perhaps design wise it did not look right) delish is that?!!!
Here is the googled image of tango steps I found.
Oooooooooh.........I'm tingling drooling at the thought
.....dancing the Argentine Tango with Richard Armitage...........I read somewhere it's supposed to be his favourite dance....quite frankly I can go with that!!!
Now hold that image of long legs and sultry movements
....but in reality it would be better thinking Vicar of Dibley in my case 'cos I'd only come up to his?......woow I'm that short?!!! HOL
Thanks for looking and happy fantasies!
xoxo Sioux
P.S. Maybe I'll start dance classes you just never know! :))))


  1. Stunning tag, just adore the background. Hope it inspires you to start dance classes! :)

  2. I LOVE the Argintine Tango! and yep it would defo be a fantasy me doing it lol I love how your mind has worked on this theme. Thank for playing this week with SCD

    Love Dawn xx

  3. Fab take on the theme, great tag! Let us know how you get on with the lessons ;o)

  4. lol what are you like!
    Great tag and fab little write up behind your really should take up those dance classes!

  5. Once you have warmed him up can you get him to pop round mine for a Rumba?? ROFL
    LOVE your tag, tis divine, those colours are LUSH hun x

  6. lol you make me giggle Sioux - FABBIE tag - and I think you should give those dance classes a go xx

  7. WOW one fabulous tag love the steps in the background shown perfectly by your fantasy pairing LOL wonderful tag. Re the foam backed stamps never had a problem with them, need to be careful with inking but thats not unusual. If you try them just apply even pressure all over the stamp to make sure you get the image. xx Zoe

  8. Steady on Sioux my blood pressure is raised just reading your blog. I am with you; re Richard Hmmmm. Fab tag I really love you take.

  9. Fab tag and I love the background and colour combination. Enjoy your fantasy LOL. Tracy Evans x

  10. When you get a bit tired of dancing with the Richard hunk, can I take over please. Hope he wears his black leathers for me!! LOL.
    Oh! I think the tags not bad either but I can't tell 'cos I can't take my eyes off that fella........
    Luv Joanne

  11. Fantastic tag. Love how you've pasted the gorgeous RA onto the dancer. Yep, I could tango with him too!!
    You go for those lessons!!
    Hope you're having a good weekend.
    Hugs Lisax

  12. Great tag! why did it make me think of you wanting to go to Paris! again? with Richard maybe. :)
    So glad you played. BIG hugs, Gez.xx

  13. Great tag and love your interpretation of the theme.


  14. Yup that would work for me. What a great fantasy . It must be Antonio Banaderos. (is that how you spell his name?) I think he would make me laugh as well. Very important to finding someone attractive.

  15. Oooh Richard Armitage.....I loved seeing him in Robin Hood and the Vicar of Dibley!
    Great tag (but for me the head would have been David Beckham's (swoon) :-)

    Go on....go for those lessons....


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