Wednesday, 24 March 2010


It seems the eagle eyed amongst us spotted the shaving brush on the table last week for WOYWW and a couple of questions arose which I'd like to answer...

Angie asked: What do you use the shaving brush for ???

Answer: I use it to stipple Distress Ink colours onto my card.

I find it gives a more subtle and textured all over colour coverage than using the T!m tool with foam or felt....useful if you don't necessarily want the darker edge of colour to the card you usually get with T!m's method.

Gez asked: I'd love to know would you recommend the shaving brush thingy. I keep looking at them & wondering whether to give one a go?

Answer: I'm not one to encourage spending for no good reason ;) but yes....I would recommend having a shaving brush in your tool box! Please note that it's not advisable to go and nick your other half's best sable variety! LOL...nor is it necessary....mine was a cheapo cheapo one for 99p I think I bought it in Superdrug but it's quite a while ago and I can't be sure!....I've also found that it's not desperately necessary to have more than long as you tap off the excess ink before using another there really isn't an issue with colour transfer.....I also try to think ahead and start with the lightest colour first before moving onto a darker shade!

Spyder asked: I was wondering, last week too I think, when are you going to give Mr Artyjen's his shaving brush back??

Answer: It was never's mine all mine! LOL

Hope this answers your questions and thanks for popping by :)

xoxo Sioux


  1. interesting -must buy one next time I am out and about.

  2. Fabby idea to use the Shaving Brush...shame Grim uses an electric shaver, I could have nicked his LOL

  3. Oooh thanks for showing us some samples. :)
    Off to ~raid~ Superdrug in the morning. :)
    Hope the meds are working for DH & he's home soon.

  4. There ... I bought a special stencil stipple brush for this technique ... nicking a shaving brush or indeed buying one would have been a whole lot cheaper!

  5. OK alterers and grunge lovers and TH devotees..stand back....I have shaving brushes in my craft kit! Love that you took time to do samples...great WOYWWing is that.

  6. As I said before this WOYWW is a really good place to get some new ideas, I will be hopping off to a shop this afternoon to get that shaving brush! And it will be MINE and mine only! Ha, ha..

  7. I bought a pack of these a few weeks ago and am just getting to grips with them. I bought mine from an art place - I never thought of Superdrug, what a great idea!
    Clare x

  8. Great idea that - I have some of the judikins color dusters which are the same idea but obviously cost me much more - grrrrrr but they are good. Not that I've used them for a while, they're in hiding behind a box..... tee hee

  9. I have a friend whose husband collects shaving brushes and displays them in his bathroom. I'll have to be sure to tell him to lock his bathroom when I visit! LOL

    Today is my first day participating in WOYWW. I am enjoying hopping around to see what everyone else's work space looks like this morning.
    Won't you stop by and visit if you get a chance today?

  10. thanks for the brush tip. It's amazing what you can learn by visiting other crafters spaces

  11. Right am off to raid the pound shop for a cheapo shaving brush! Thanks for sharing the idea!!

  12. Ooh great idea, love the difference between the two pieces too. Might be looking out for a shaving brush of my own soon!


  13. thanks for the hubby was baught a shaving brush as part of pressie which he has not used may be falling rather quickly into my craft bag! Hugs Juls

  14. I love the way we are all more than happy to share ideas on the WOYWW. Thanks for that.
    A x

  15. great idea, be it gives a nice soft look

  16. great idea, be it gives a nice soft look

  17. Great to see the different effects .... now I need to find a shaving brush me thinks

  18. ooh i think i might need one of those - that is a lovely technique!!

  19. Oh I'm sooo glad we've cleared the mystery of the shaving brush up!! and...every one wants one now!!

  20. wild honey...yum yum.....very creative colour! off to clear out the chemist of shaving brushes tomorrow!



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