Tuesday, 9 February 2010

TMTA - Eternity

Over on TMTA the theme is "Eternity" so they want to know what you think of when you hear the word.

......I love that word...........ETERNITY.........it makes be drift off and think of all that has happened in the universe before we arrived.....all the associated things we don't understand yet....I think about all that is yet to be discovered after we are gone....I journey through the darkness past our solar system and beyond the galaxies we can see from Earth...........further and further.....

....until I get a bit spooked and have to stop!!! LOL.............Well....they did ask!!!

I used the free stamp from CS this month.........now......it may not look like it represents Eternity but as soon as I saw it the words of a song by Joni Mitchell and famously sung by Crosby, Stills and Nash drifted into my head (showing my age there I think)

......(I won't say my brain because by now you probably think I've lost it!!! HOL)

"We are stardust...we are golden...we are billion year old carbon"....perhaps it was the circles which of course are never ending.......as is eternity........that did it :)

So here is my ATC........sorry about the babble but I felt like sharing!

I used am emboss pen to make circles and embossed with Moonglow Pumpkin.....they are a representation of the stars in the constellation Orion......swooshed DI's Faded Jeans and Pine Needles a la T!m for the background and hand wrote the star names adding the number of light years away......the girl was a mistake that turned out in the end!!!
....I distress embossed with antique linen but it was not showing up so I over stamped with Versafine...the circles now almost look 3D...the compass image was another mistake that turned out!!....I wanted a grey almost ghostly effect but it was that ghostly you could not see it so threw a bit of verdigris embossing powder on and hoped for the best!!! LOL
Thanks for looking and happy stamping
xoxo Sioux


  1. This is lovely,so shimmery, I think you have the look just right here.

  2. this is gorgeous!! Loved reading the description of your inspiration and how you created your masterpiece! Such a creative use of the CS stamp! thanks for the inspiration! Hugs Juls

  3. Gorgeous, love the background!!!

  4. Absolutely love this, it's brilliant. Very creative, & loved your babbling too!

  5. Fantastic and wonderfully textured ATC. So much on it.I like where your head is. I must try to play with this one as I have an idea too!

  6. oh love this hun,I have used this stamp again,to make another atc yous is the tops though hun great texture on this hugs cheryl xx

  7. Wow, if I could only make mistakes that beautiful!!! I read with great interest how you created this enormously lovely ATC. Splendid work.

  8. this is simply wonderful

  9. Stunning work and love the thinking behind it Sioux,
    x Michelle

  10. Oh Hun I love it! I haven't even used my stamp yet so who knows, I may well do next week (picking G'son up tomorow) not much crafting when he comes lol

    Love Dawn xx

    If i get to Paris don't worry you will all hear about it lol

  11. I love your babble & your Atc. Tis fabulous. :) off to Google Moonglow Pumpkin! Hope you have a lovely weekend. Gez.

  12. I LOVE this and you babble all you want. I love to hear the ideas behind creations and this fits perfectly. The colours are gorgeous and you're right, those circles do look 3D. I thought you'd triple embossed them at first.
    This has to be one of my fav free stamps with CS, it's gorgeous.


  13. background is fab as always,love the use of the free stamp from CS...its rather good,isnt it!

  14. ohhhh, love what you did with your stamp too !! beautiful


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