Monday, 1 February 2010

A Fond Farewell!

No...not from me!
Rach has decided to take a blogging break.....shock horror!!
She seems to indicate it might be some time before she returns too.
Just to say that Rach inspired me to get in touch with my girly mean feat as I am more of the grungey type LOL!....and her card confections are never anything but perfect.....I will miss popping along.
So have happiness in whatever you are doing instead of blogging Rach and thanks for the brilliant inspiration :).......

As sure as eggs is eggs.........if I were to be on a design team.........I think it would kill my creativity stone dead!!!.........I would end up feeling like I had to create instead of wanting to create....This is my way of relaxing not putting extra pressure on myself LOL!.....I don't know if that is how she feels but I understand if it is the case.

xoxo and hugs to Rach


  1. oh bless hun.. :)
    you are so sweet.. couldn't believe it when i read your post... had to laugh at the bit about you getting in touch with your girly side.. hehe..
    grungey or girlie, your creations are fantastic.. keep up the fabulous work.. :)
    thanks for your kind thoughts,
    big hugs Rachxxxxx

  2. awe, sorry to hear your friend is having a break. Hopefully Rach will come back fully recharged.

    You are so right about being on DT's. They can take the fun out of things... perhaps I shouldn't be saying that!!



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