Thursday, 17 December 2009

Brown paper packages

My "Stamper of the Year" prizes arrived from Craft Stamper!
I've put them under the tree........going to save them up for Christmas;) LOL

.....Well I might just open one!
I know it's daft as it's not as if I don't know what prizes there are...however only a couple are marked on the outside so it will still be a surprise!
I've never been anxious to open a gift until the given time since I was about 7 yrs know how it is when you are that age you just can't wait and that year I was determined to find the hidden stash of birthday presents.....I was not allowed in my parents bedroom unless my mother it was with much trepidation and beating of heart that I took my life in my hands and went to look in their wardrobe of those big old ones made of dark wood that could have been the entrance to Narnia!
...believe me I kept hoping! LOL
Anyway I did find my presents and although it was exciting I couldn't let on obviously and it was even more excruciating when my birthday arrived and I had to pretend new found joy at said presents!!
Never again.
xoxo Sioux


  1. congratulations again Jenny have fun with all your new stash x Janet

  2. Wow you are good, I would have had them all opened by now! lol
    Enjoy your lovely craft stuff and congratulations once again. Your canvas was stunning. Hugs Anesha

  3. aaaw enjoy them on Christmas day and look forward to what you create with them. btw I onced opened all my Chrissie presents and then rewrapped them early Christmas morning, and my mum said she never knew... mmmm:)

  4. Good on ya! It will be worth it. You will be so excited , Christmas will be magic again!

  5. whooo hoooo so exciting!!!!

  6. Enjoy, so deserve it!!!

  7. wow hun you are good if it was me there is no way on this earth i could leave them till the day they would all be opened by now hugs cheryl xxxxx

  8. awe, what a star! I'd have to sit on my hands!! Enjoy your goodies when you do open them. Hope we get a look see. :-)

  9. Your new stash looks wonderful. A lady after my own heart saving it 'till xmas. I've saved a recent blog candy to put under the tree too.
    I never knew where my parents hid pressies, I could never find anything, only years later did I discover they hid them in the loft!!!Crafty hey!!!
    Enjoy your weekend.



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