Wednesday, 9 December 2009

12 Tags of Christmas - Day 9

I can't believe I am still keeping up.....mine is here!!
12 tags of Christmas day 9
......isn't it great that T!m shared his photo's with us today?
It helped me out no end!! None of that film strip :( so dug out a strip of film negative with nothing important on it and punched out the openings with a square punch (just moved a bit along to get the oblong)....the letter dome sticker was a freebie from a magazine an eon ago and I discovered it fitted nicely on the same washers I used on day 3 tag...numbers are We Are Memory Keepers..........because my negative strip is not the same size I left out the metal flower part as it was looking a bit crowded
.........that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!!! LOL
I used two of T!ms' photo's and three of my own......I don't seem to have much in the way of childhood Christmas photo's but I did have one of me in a group photo of a school nativity play from when I lived on the Isle of Wight (top) one of me in a group photo from my secondary school yearly panto when I lived in Lancashire (middle) and one of my DH when he was two standing beside one of those old fashioned trees that did not have much in the way of branches!!! (bottom)
........and yes the large photo is me about 8 years old and can you guess what song people insisted on singing to me?
......again..........and again...........and again!!!!!!!
"All I want for Christmas is? two front teeth" HOL
Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux


  1. oh loveing your take on Tims,tag I did not think that I would be able to keep it up either,but have loved yesterdays one he did favourite soo far.
    Love the picture you have used too love cheryl xxxxxxx

  2. Couldn't wait to see what you'd come up with today and I wasn't disappointed this is great. Love the photos, you were a cute 8 year old. I have one of those now with no front teeth-must be an age thing!!
    See you tomorrow.


  3. Oh you have surpassed youtself on this tag.. so cool :)

  4. another wonderful take on Tims tags....glad you mentioned that song because it was the first thing that came to mind lol

  5. WOWZERS hun, I love that you used your own pics...I would have used ones of myself but my blog would have been shut down for ugly content ROFL...have just made mine ... can't believe I am keeping up either LOL Have a good day x

  6. Hey cutie!! :)
    Love, love, love your tag! Looks fabulous! You're one talented lady!

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  8. I love love love your intrpretation of the tags I have been looking and your just as full of ideas as TIM! I am playing too only a little far behind on day 6 now or is it 5 I will have to stop playing in blog land and do some work!

    Love Dawn xx


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