Thursday, 10 December 2009

12 Tags of Christmas - Day 10

Today is a special day!
Not only have I managed to join in for 10 days in a mean feat!!!
I'm celebrating with T!m (in my dreams) LOL
But seriously how else would I be able to have a one to one session with Tim Holtz?
And for free to boot!!!........I'm embracing the experience.
Here is my day 10 tag.
12 tags of Christmas day 10
Quite honestly......although it don't look too bad on the photo!....this was a disaaaaaaaaaarster as Craig would say on SCD.
My lucky streak continued as I had some chipboard letters and some metal tape my DH had that I thought would suffice as a substitute for the Ten Seconds Studio metal stuff! How wrong can you be? The chipboard stuff was in the main way too big for the tag......I ended up using some peel offs......yep........the "dreaded"....and stuck them on chipboard to cut out the smaller letters.....however :) I discovered that you can get a fabby effect with the embossing as they provide extra patterns!! Take a look see at the bauble.......additionally I don't know if the paint dabbers react differently but the black acrylic I had simply wiped most of the alcohol inks off!!!!!!!! I had to go back and dab more alcohol inks on and hope for the best!!! LOL......The metal tape is not very thick and does not stand up to the rubbing down so the elements are not as shiny either!!! Hey HO!
Thanks for looking
xoxo Sioux
P.S. I'm trying to leave comments but my computer is on a go slow....a very nice man is supposed to be coming tomorrow to take a look.


  1. Happy Birthday! Your tag looks fantastic, well done.

  2. Happy Birthday ... and the tag is MARVELOUS!!! Certainly not a disaster - just a messy process. REALLY MESSY! LOL Love the ink colours you chose too... hummmmmm got me thinking :)

  3. Happy Birthday to you hun...loving your tag...tis FAB-U-LOUS :O))

  4. Wonderful tag. Happy Birthday!

  5. hi hun yours is brilliant I had a really bad day with mine had non of those sheets,so put some chipboard on and used kitchen foil disater not sure if I will put it on my blog tommorrow will see what the pictures come out like yours is brilliant hun love it hugs cheryl xxxx

  6. oh hun sorry babe happy birhday hugs cheryl xxx

  7. Happy Birthday...hope you've had a lovely day with T!m. :-D Thanks for finding the time to stop by my blog on your special day. Well Done on the tag it looks super awesome. Extra brownie points for keeping up-to-date me thinks. Take care honey & have a lovely weekend.xx

  8. Oh Sounds like loads of fun! same happened to me when I wiped my paint of so had to redo it a bot It's gone 3am here so will post my catch up tags have done them all but one now (tag9) but I have done all the others was fun catching up though lol I like that you have done something different My Tags must be smaller than Tims as I have the same letters he used but couldn't fit them on! so I had to adjust (as you do lol)

    Love watching others your all so much inspiration

    Love Dawn xx


  10. Hppy Birthday, hun.. fabby tag, and anything raised will do the job! lol It looks smashing to me:)

  11. Happy Birthday to you!!! Hope you have a wonderful day. Your tag is wonderful. Anesha :-)

  12. Happy Birthday, hun...hope you had a great day...Oh BTW..fab tag..again!!!! lol..

  13. Happy Birthday. Looks set to be a grand year for you!
    I think the tag looks fantastic. I would never have guessed the fun and games you had producing it. Looks great blown up!

  14. I think your metal one is my favorite. It's gorgeous.


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