Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Journal Girl

I've been blog hopping......you know how it is........you start one place and can sometimes end up somewhere completely different! LOL
I ended up watching some You Tube vids by Teesha Moore about art journaling.......facinating stuff.
I've never made an art journal or any other sort of journal for that matter but am very tempted to try something having watched all these vids......she talks through the whole making of one start to finish. The link above takes you to the first one on painting the pages at the start........although there are two more before that about actually cutting up a large sheet of watercolour paper to make the journal............after that I landed on Teeshas blog and she had posted a fun drawing lesson..........
I've always been a bit of a doodler........doodle whilst on the phone talking to someone etc.......so I suppose this was an accident waiting to happen! LOL I think I could get hooked!!
Anyhow........I've something to show you........something like nothing else I've put on my blog before so please no tittering in the back there!
Here is my attempt at Journal Girl
It is only a small thing on a bit of scrap paper about 8x10 cm.........perhaps I'll draw a bigger one and colour that in........Oh! Please don't ask me what the significance of the wording is 'cos my pen just seemed to take on a mind of it's own as I did it!! LOL
P.S. I had started this journey via Ginny's Small Studio blog (I feel she would be a lovely artistic person to meet.....don't suppose I ever will, but visiting the blog is the next best thing) and she is organising some workshops next year and Teesha is one of the guests so if you are interested.....and you can afford to go to America........keep a watch out for when the class goes on sale.........I know I'd be signing up for this one at least if I won the lottery.
Thanks for looking
Happy doodling!
xoxo Sioux


  1. Oh Jen, this is fab...hooray for YouTube thats what i say :) have just caught the journaling bug myself...love it xx

  2. Great find. I recognise her style anywhere she is fab isn't she! It's all in the eyes I think! You have done a fabby interpretation. She looks great. :-) Sounds like you've caught the bug & I think you're a natural. Love your words. :-)

    I'm in the middle of Soul Journalling & that's fab too. Give me a shout if you want the addy. :-)

    Have fun. Gez.xx

  3. Ooh, aren't you brave????? I met Teesha Moore at a stamp show in the US (we were there for CIA) and she was wonderful - she drew on a little card, signed it to us and handed it over. Her magazine, Play was really inspiring - did you ever see it?

  4. i saw the same video and she makes it look so easy..one of my new year thingies to do.

    love that little lady.
    thanks for your fab ATC swaps arrived today.

    next challenge
    'a winters day' hope you can join in.... we have a brilliant guest designer joining us.
    chriss x

  5. this is fab hun wish i could doodle like that hugs cheryl xxx

  6. youtube is the best - and I adore Teesha Moore's style - loving your little creation

  7. Jen, it's brilliant! I watched all those vids too! I only started art journalling this year - it's a lot of unrestricted fun - and I'm sure you'd love it! Go for it!! =)

    PS. There's a lovely group of peps on Ning.com - check out "On the Wing"... if you can't fin it, there's a link in my blog sidebar under Forums/Groups!!


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