Saturday, 28 November 2009

Serious Flaw!

I've just realised there is a serious flaw......
in my desire to play along with T!ms' 12 tags of Christmas.
I don't' posses any T!m Christmas stamps!!! LOL
Me thinks a spot of improvisation (that's a tricky word to say after a bottle of rose wine on a Saturday night! HOL) is called for.
Perhaps......seeing as he seems to be a very nice man......he will excuse this small flaw.....I will be using all that I can that is T!m after all!!!
Maybe I will chicken out?..............maybe not!
xoxo Sioux

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Journal Girl

I've been blog know how it start one place and can sometimes end up somewhere completely different! LOL
I ended up watching some You Tube vids by Teesha Moore about art journaling.......facinating stuff.
I've never made an art journal or any other sort of journal for that matter but am very tempted to try something having watched all these vids......she talks through the whole making of one start to finish. The link above takes you to the first one on painting the pages at the start........although there are two more before that about actually cutting up a large sheet of watercolour paper to make the journal............after that I landed on Teeshas blog and she had posted a fun drawing lesson..........
I've always been a bit of a doodler........doodle whilst on the phone talking to someone I suppose this was an accident waiting to happen! LOL I think I could get hooked!!
Anyhow........I've something to show you........something like nothing else I've put on my blog before so please no tittering in the back there!
Here is my attempt at Journal Girl
It is only a small thing on a bit of scrap paper about 8x10 cm.........perhaps I'll draw a bigger one and colour that in........Oh! Please don't ask me what the significance of the wording is 'cos my pen just seemed to take on a mind of it's own as I did it!! LOL
P.S. I had started this journey via Ginny's Small Studio blog (I feel she would be a lovely artistic person to meet.....don't suppose I ever will, but visiting the blog is the next best thing) and she is organising some workshops next year and Teesha is one of the guests so if you are interested.....and you can afford to go to America........keep a watch out for when the class goes on sale.........I know I'd be signing up for this one at least if I won the lottery.
Thanks for looking
Happy doodling!
xoxo Sioux

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Be Happy!

I have admired the stamp of this lady for quite a's from Elusive Images........but you know by now I have to be careful what I spend my money on so you can understand how the sale at Graphicus last week sort of tipped me over the edge and I bought it!!!
I have been working on this piece all week when I had a few spare minutes and it was going to be a card for future use but it just seemed to grow like Topsy and it's now hung in a frame and it is definitely staying here on my wall as a cherished piece!!
I'm entering it in this months Graphicus blog challenge which is to use a resist technique and colour scheme metalics.

I stamped the swirls from Dawn Chorus and the top part of the grass the little bird is perched on from the same plate all around the edge in Versamark and clear embossed.......
stamped the words "art" from the lady plate in Versamark and embossed with
Stamp & Stuff that............
swooshed DI FJ and SS with a hint of WS onto the craft sheet spritzed with water and dragged the card through it...........stamped Be Happy from the words of wisdom plate in black Staz On.

Stamped the lady in Impress chocolate, masked and stamped a T!m script stamps in DI SS and partially cut out the image...........Made the flowers using the same script stamp using DI TD, SS and WS and drew with an emboss pen round the edges and heat embossed with pewter again.
All layered onto a piece of cream card then a card edged with DI FJ and heat embossed with pewter.....then onto the background made with DI SS and stamped in TD using the script stamp........and what about those metal filigree corners? They cost me a fortune...not!
They were a bargain pack of laser cuts for 50p and I just heat embossed with pewter.
Thanks for looking.
Happy stamping.....I have been this week.
xoxo Sioux

P.S. Here it is in the frame.....if you look close that is DH's fingers holding it while I take the photo.....bless! Just caught a chink of sunlight today.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Whiter shade of pale?

I have been very taken with the fabulous white space cards that Paula often creates and have been wanting to have a go myself......just for the challenge you know!
Not sure that this is "what it says on the tin" as I seem to have stamped all over it!!!
It does appear to fit the Tuesday Taggers theme this week though which is no patterned paper so am entering it there.
I stamped the umbrella man in Impress chocolate onto some card adding one of my own background stamps in DI SS and partially cut out the outline on one side. Stamped my own distressed alphabet stamp onto the background card again in chocolate and a T!m scroll stamp at the opposite bottom corner in DI SS. I stamped the watch face (a freebie from magazine) onto a bit of the tomato paste tube metal that Laura ever so kindly sent me.....fab or what!?......then had a go at trying some embossing onto metal just like Leandra from Paperartsy shows on her blog.....think I must try harder..............but then that stamp was not specifically designed for that technique!! Stamped and cut out the Artifact pen nibs and added my own sentiment stamp.
Thanks for looking.
Happy stamping!
xoxo Sioux
P.S. I'm still waiting for the rubber stamps I won in the Paperartsy draw the other month as the first lot got lost in the post!! Hoping the second lot have not ended up the same way!!!!

Thursday, 5 November 2009


Not another Hallowe'en piece I hear you say?
Yep your right it's not! LOL
Just a picture of two people who make Spooks on the BBC worth watching.
I read recently that Richard started out as a dancer.......and what's more his favourite ballroom dance would be the Argentine Tango........I went quite weak at the knees at the thought of that!
I can dream........... :)
.......and Peter? Lets just say that's a long standing thing.........
involving the Double Deckers and Scooper..........Equus/riding naked on a horse.........
and after very infrequent television appearances...........Spooks and Harry!
So glad he did not get terminated last night!

Monday, 2 November 2009

Live as if..........

I think this may be my last Hallowe'en piece for a while.......had to do one last twinchie for the challenge over at Theme Thursday using your favourite colours!

Two of my favourite colours are Spiced Marmalade and Scattered Straw distress inks both used on this twinchie.

I cut a positive and a negative mask to sponge the DI SS and DC onto the textured card and stamped the T!m clock in SM over the SS........stamped the Paperartsy wrought iron in Adirondack wild plum and the corner decal and wording (my own stamp) in black archival.

Over the past few challenges I seem to have inadvertently built up a little collection of Hallowe'en pieces and this twinchie fits nicely with the rest that I am going to make into a wall hanging......

at least that is the intention! LOL

Watch this space.....

Thanks for looking

xoxo Sioux

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Don't look at the Eyes!

Here I am again for the inchie month over at SCD with the theme "Hallowe'en".....Yeh!

Did the trick or treaters come your way last night? We don't, as a rule, get many round our house but the bags were at the ready just in case!! In the end not one visitor........looks like we will be munching Haribo's for a while. LOL

Stamped the backgound with DI TD using a Cherry Pie harlequin stamp.........
added a T!m script stamp (barely visable) in Impress chocolate.........
stamped the Inkadinkadoo eye and coloured the eyeball with Adirondack cranberry.......
sponged a bit of DI SM over and hand wrote the word fragments.

"Don't look at the Eyes!"................
for anyone struggling to remember where they have heard the phrase before....................
comes from the film The Devil Rides all time classic Hammer Horror!......starring a very young Patrick Mower the fabulous Charles Grey and the deliciously spooky Christopher Lee who happened to be playing a goodie in this one instead of the Prince of Darkness for a change!

I read in the paper yesterday that he had been given a gong and is now Sir Christopher Lee.....


Happy stamping
xoxo Sioux