Saturday, 17 October 2009

It Is Written

I have to confess.........I am not a fan of inchies..............but if you don't challenge yourself how can you improve?
I've missed the first two inchie themes at SCD this month but here I am for the third one
"Black & White"........

Stamped the T!m script stamp in white and embossed with Winter Wonderland from Stamp & Stuff........Hand wrote the word fragments and stamped a pen nib from Artifact and cut out and attached.
To me...............there is so much symbolism wrapped up in this one inch square that
I can't begin to explain.....and in fact, did not realise it until I had scanned it and was preparing it in my Serif programme ready to upload to Blogger!
(I had actually started out making something based on Yin/Yang and somehow or other it turned into this!! :))
Lets just say that I have come to the conclusion that some things in life cannot be explained...........and just sometimes it takes an unexpected turn to which you can only say
"It Is Written"
Thanks for looking and happy stamping.
xoxo Sioux
P.S. No....................I have not been on Who wants to be a Millionaire and neither have I won the lottery!! LOL :)


  1. glad you pushed yourself out of your comfort zone this is fab! Love the pen image, and the sentiment is just perfect!! Love it!!

  2. Love your take on this weeks challenge - have to agree with you about inchies but personally I try to avoid them like the plague lol
    Pleased to see youve had some more time to create....hope you can find some more!

  3. I've had a go at inchies too - verdict still out on them, but your take on it really worked well. Know what you mean about starting with one idea and then it changes into something completely different by the time you've finished. Sometimes the simplest thing can have the greatest meaning to us.

  4. Great inchie, powerful words. Anesha

  5. well this is great hun love the image just brilliant so glad you had a go hugs cheryl xxx

  6. what a fab inchie - really love the composition of it - I suppose you either love them or hate inchies - but, I'm so glad you gave them a change and created this gorgeous piece.

    Thanks for joining us at SCD xx

  7. Fab inchie, great sentiment xx

  8. Fab inchie, great sentiment xx

  9. Helloooo honey.xx I'm so glad you decided to join us this week your inchie is fab. Can't believe how much detail you have managed to fit on your small square.

    Hope you are well. Thanks for your kind blog comments. Wish you were still up here. Hugs Gez.xx

  10. Beautiful inchie .Great words too. xx

  11. oh chickie...i'm so lovin your inchie! what a great theme and take on the challenge! like anesha said *powerful words*

    and thankx so much for the lovely compliment on my blog

  12. I'm sorry to take so long getting back to you after your lovely comment. I've really enjoyed looking at your much wonderful art and great inspiration.
    Its good to meet a fellow Skiathos fan too!
    I will be back...
    Linda x

  13. Love this, love how you framed it up on the larger paper... GREAT job!
    Here it is, the free Digi-Tom!
    Thanks for coming by and checking it out. I hope you like it! Have a great day! Have fun with him, and if you want, let others know about the free image, thanks!

  14. I have to admit to having never made an inchie, but yours is just beautiful... and I love the sentiment!
    It amazes me how much detail you can cram into such a small area...I will have to give it a try sometime. Debbie x

  15. Know what you mean. Great to see you making again. I think it works really well this inchie!

  16. fabulous, great background...totally agree about trying new things Jen
    Mina xxx

  17. Brill, proving that the pen is indeed mightier than the sword!


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