Thursday, 18 June 2009

Dotty Nellie with a Masking Technique

Yesterday I had a play with masking those flower pots I used the other week with Fitz........but it was just not working out as I wanted it I had to draw a flower pot outline myself and then add the flower is how I managed it........ran out of time to post this yesterday on my Dotty Nellie for the challenge.....................learn from my mistakes LOL...........feel free to laugh when you get to the end of it!!!!!!!!!

I stamped the main image of

Nellie with Flower then stamped the sunflower with pot on scrap card and cut out the stamped flower pot you can see in the top corner...... BTW the pen is a "Pilot" drawing pen....they come in different nib widths, this one is 01.

I placed the cut out of the pot where I wanted it just a little higher on the page than the main stamp and drew a line around it but left the top of the pot open as you can see on the left hand side.

Now.....please make sure you now mask your main Nellie image........I forgot to the first time round arrrrrrrrg!!! LOL...........I couldn't just use the flower pot mask to stamp the bunch of flowers as the stems were too big and would have shown.....also the rim of the pot had to be cut away or I would have masked out more of the I had to first cut a smaller pot mask then cut a larger piece of card and attach underneath the pot mask and then stamp the flowers!!!................This still meant that part of the flower image was lost because of the mask as you can see on the other side.

So I had to draw in the missing bits with the pen!.....added a bit of shading with the pen to edges of pot and at last a finished stamped piece ready to colour in and here is a reminder of the card I made with it.

If anyone has a tip for me on how I could have achieved this in an easier way I'd really like to know!!! LOL .............I suppose I should have just used the original stamp but I wanted a change.......I hope you find this useful.

Thanks for looking...........Happy Stamping.



  1. this is fab. thank you for sharing sweetie. hugs rachxx

  2. What a great tut thanks sweetie it was a great help
    Hugs Jacqui x

  3. Yay at last I can see your work...I dont know whats been going on but all I can see are your links ect columns but not the actual content of your blog...not sure if Im making any sense lol
    Anyhow...wonderful card and thanks for the little tutorialx

  4. Great card with lovely colours and colouring. Good tips to.

  5. I love your card, such pretty colours and a lot of work you've put into this. katxx

  6. oh wow this is a gorgeous card, i love it and the papers and embellies match the adorable images perfectly, and thanks for the great tut i really must try it :)



  7. this is fab so much detail great tutorial too hun love cheryl xxxxxxx

  8. wonderful thank you for sharing

  9. Beautiful!! You did a great job masking!!

  10. Beautiful card!!
    Love to mask my self and this was so gorgeous!!
    Hugs from Maya:)


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