Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Not so New Baby!

Just been looking back at some older posts and realised I never did get round to posting my project for my friends new grandson. That is a scary word......."grandson" dawned on me that I too could have been a grandmother by now............even if I am a couple of years younger than she is.............if I had had any children in the first place that is!!! I am NOT old enough to be a least not in my head.

Anyway I are some pictures of said project which uses all my own design papers created digitally and printed out. Obviously being me I could not leave it at that and added a bit of inky grunge to it so it ended up being not your traditional "cutie blue for a boy type look" but the parents seemed to like it so that is all that matters.

I was really pleased with the faux tortoiseshell effect on the spine created with alcohol inks on some shiny black gaffer tape from the DIY! And yes that is my blogger background (slightly modified) used on the cover.

The inside had lots of different tags in layers. This idea came from the now defunct Craft TV site where I would have directed you to go to see how the original was done but I can't so sorry for that. I had to make the whole thing from scratch because I could not find anywhere to buy a CD mailer like they used on the web show...........well it was American!

I will post a couple more pictures tomorrow as I am running out of time!! Sir Alan is calling.


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  1. This is gorgeous, a fabulous gift.

    Liza x


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