Thursday, 12 March 2009

Chocolate Tax!!!

I've never heard such a load of twoddle......Yes twoddle!
I heard on the news that some misguided Scottish doctor wants the government to tax chocolate!! Is it April 1st?..... I think not. .......Perhaps he imagines we can all go back to living in caves and foraging for food so we can all be healthy again.
I don't know why I am quite so worked up about it because I don't eat that much........honest! But if I want to eat some I'm darned well going to do it......... so what if some people eat too much of it........that's human nature and quite frankly it is probably the only pleasure some of us get, seeing as the powers that be have messed us all up big time recently.
I started the week having a red hair day and it seems that it has turned into a red hair week........maybe it's hormones but I don't like using female excuses :))).....I can't repeat what I said to the telly!!!
Hope you all post something to let "them" know that it if they so much as think about putting extra tax on chocolate we will "fight on the beaches" etc.
Enjoy your choccie fix today.
P.S. If you want to join me in protesting please feel free to display my "Chocolate Button" on your own blog. See side bar to copy code into an HTML gadget in Blogger. Please do not distribute the button yourself but direct people from your own blog with this button.
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  1. Have left you something (not chocolate!) on my blog. Lindsay x

  2. He, he!! Love this rant :) I'm not a big chocolate lover, either, but I do object to being told what I can and can't eat. We're getting closer and closer to being a police state. Loved reading your rants :)


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