Sunday, 22 February 2009

Who Lives in a House Like This? Graphicus Challenge

Once again the inspiration came from the monthly challenge that you can enter here at the Graphicus Blog. The theme this month was Home and the colour prompts were Brick & Teal. I combined the theme and colour on this as the brick was in keeping with the home idea, wasn't sure about the teal at first though until I started to see the result.
I had been meaning to make something with the Glimmer Screens ever since I was lucky enough to win some in the Christmas blog candy giveaway last year - but you know how it is - life gets in the way and before you know it, that must have item is languishing in a box of stuff you have forgotten to label and never sees the light of day for months!!! I had presumed I would eventually end up using them as screens/masks for paint effects but as soon as I saw the monthly prompt the idea of using them as a template for a fancy roof popped in my brain.
So this is the result "Who Lives in a House Like This?". Why I do of course! Although only in my dreams LOL:)) There are little somethings on the 8 embellished squares that are relevant to me, not forgetting some other bits and pieces, that outline what I'm interested in. "The clues are there" as Lloyd used to say!

If any one's interested here is a brief "how I did it"

Glimmer Screens
Adirondack Ink- Cranberry & Stream
Adirondack Acrylics - Cranberry
Alcohol Inks - Espresso, Raisin & Pesto
Archival Ink- Jet Black
Distress Ink Pads - Tattered Rose.
Stamp & Stuff Embossing Powder - Disco Black & Clear

Stamps - Small mesh square free from Craft Stamper Magazine, line of dots free from Cards & Papercraft Magazine (I think) although I cut both of them up as I have never used them as is!!!
Making Memories - metal letters
Metal cat charm, Key, Florists wire (own stash)
Paper for window panes- Basic Grey
Chipboard (some recycled packaging!)

(1) Traced the glimmer screens outline (middle size) onto chipboard and cut out using a combination of craft knife & scissors. I found that cutting around the outline with the craft knife first and then using the scissors was a lot less effort. Inked it up using stream around the edges and a touch of cranberry in the centre. Then traced the smallest glimmer screen onto textured card and cut out and inked with cranberry. Added a stamped heart using the acrylic and acrylic dots around edges and spritzed it with an ink that had some mica in it (can't remember what, did it ages ago!). I liked the way the colours look slightly different due to the different base card/chipboard colour.
(2) Cut out a rectangle and inked it up using cranberry around the edges and a touch of stream in the centre. Stamped the small mesh stamp randomly up the sides to give a brick impression. Added the dots because I felt like it!
(3) Photocopied a dictionary definition of home, printed out and coloured with stream and added the 8 embellished squares.

(4) Cut out a larger downstairs window and used the glimmer screen to give a decorative top to it and stamped each window pane with one letter repeatedly from the word HEART. Added a punched out heart from a left over bit from this project to the last pane.
(5) Designed a word block in my Serif programme using different languages for the word home, words that describe a home and words that mean a place to live but do not necessarily mean HOME! Printed out and inked with cranberry. Layered this onto a piece of the dictionary paper inked with the stream. Added a circular embossed motif left over from this project.
(6) Alcohol inked the metal letters HOME and the cat charm. Decided not to ink the key as I liked the rusty aged patina it already had, shame to spoil it. LOL:)))

Arty best wishes to all
Edit: DH informs me it was actually David Frost who used to say the clues are there!! Hey Ho.


  1. Well the dreaming time was well spent, this is lovely and very original!

  2. Great card - love the detail!

  3. This is fantastic!!! love it

  4. this is really great- fantastic idea

  5. This is just gorgeous - Love It!

  6. I LOVE it!!! Really gorgeous colours and a very well put together project, it's great! I didn't get to see anyone from Craft Stamper mag at Stitches, but the opinion seems to be that they waant to have the rights to images entered into their competition because a, they don't want to have to send them back and b, they may want to show runner up entries. Can see why it would put you off though! Lindsay

  7. Absolutely stunning - thank you so much for entering the challenge.



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