Thursday, 26 February 2009

A Bit of a Quandary over Cyber Shops

I am in a bit of a I post things here that I have made that other people might like to buy or not? You see I really, really must try to earn more money somehow............. Can I make it clear that I am not moaning here, it is just the way things have panned out in this life........ It seems that a lot of people have been affected by the credit crunch, but let me tell you, it hit here over 5 years ago when my husband became ill! I won't go into the details (he would not be comfortable with me doing that) but suffice to say it is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain the basics of being on this earth!!!!!!

So, I have set up a virtual store with one of the online shops - possibly not one of the best times in the history of the world to be trying to sell anything but have to give it a go. LOL:)

Just to warn you that there will be a "go look at my shop" link on my side bar appearing, and anything I post that is available to buy will only have a subtle label attached to the post "available to buy". I promise not to write links like "go buy it here" within my posts or use marketing speak. That way it will be your own choice to hit the link button in the side bar or not.......If I feel comfortable with this approach I am hoping others will feel the same.

Arty best wishes

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